Netflix TV Shows to Watch

Netflix Shows to Watch

My husband and I have had Netflix since before it was a streaming service! Here are some of our favorite Netflix shows to Watch. 

New Show to Watch – Imaginary Mary

Did you have an imaginary friend growing up? It is not something that I experienced personally, but I know a few people who had them. It is extremely common and ABC has made this commonality into a hilarious comedy. The new show, Imaginary Mary start Jenna Elfman as Alice is a fiercely independent career woman … Read more

Parenthood TV Show

Parenthood TV Show will launch on UPtv – May 30 at 8 PM EST. Episodes will run from 8 pm EST through midnight! Do you love the Braverman family?

The Catch Wardrobe & Interview with Costume Designer

The Catch Wardrobe along with set design and story stood out to me the moment that I started watching the show. Shondaland shows, like Scandal, are known for their stellar wardrobe. The Catch wardrobe surpasses the style of Scandal! Each character has a unique style that has me intrigued. I was able to go behind … Read more

The Family Season 1 – Sweet Jane

The Family Season 1 – Sweet Jane with interviews of Alison Pill, Jenna Bans Executive Producer of The Family, Scandal, and Grey’s Anatomy

Fall TV Premieres

Fall TV Premieres – Modern Family, Brooklyn 99, Scream Queens, Scandal and more on XFINITY X1 DVR to watch later

Xfinity Voice Remote + Giveaway

Xfinity Voice Remote – you can do so much with the new remote like tell it catch phrases and much more.

Sam and Jon, "Dance with Dragons"

Game of Thrones: “Dance with Dragons”

This review covers Episode 9 of Season 5 of Game of Thrones. Beware of spoilers, all ye who enter here. Historically, the ninth episode of the Game of Thrones season has been the one where memorable/horrible moments have happened in the series. The first season’s episode nine, “Baelor” ended with the death of Ned Stark. … Read more