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Did you watch the Parenthood TV show while it was on TV? If not, do you need a new show to watch. I’m a huge fan of Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls and wanted to start watching her new show, but didn’t have the time to catch while it was airing. Now that I have watched the Gilmore Girls so much that I could quote every scene, I need to replace the addiction with a new show. Parenthood is my new addiction.


I am super excited to watch the show. The actors are phenomenal and I can’t wait to see more from Peter Krause and Lauren Graham.

The Braverman family is so lovably real. They feel like a real life family that you know. The Season one plot is all about family camaraderie. With any up or down within the Braverman family they quickly join together to celebrate or come up with a plan.

The Main characters in the Braverman family:

  • Zeek and Camille Braverman
  • Adam, Kristina, Max and Haddie Braverman
  • Sarah Braverman, Drew and Amber Holt
  • Julia Braverman-Graham, Joel and Sydney Graham
  • Crosby Braverman, Jasmine and Jabbar Trussell



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052016_UPTV_PARENTHOOD_WTP_INSTA 052016_UPTV_PARENTHOOD_WTP_TWITTERParenthood will launch on UPtv – May 30 at 8 PM EST. Episodes will run from 8 pm EST through midnight! We Get Family!

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