Fall TV Premieres

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Fall is officially here! It is one of my favorite seasons for many reasons for many reasons; the weather starts getting cooler here in South Florida, you can get pumpkin everything, and the Fall TV Shows are premiering. With everything that’s going on, how’s a person supposed to watch it all while still making time for life? Luckily, XFINITY is your go-to for making sure you’re caught up.

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Fall TV Premieres

Scream Queens – This is a new show from the creators of American Horror Story and Glee. The show is centered around a sorority house that is being targeted by a serial killer, dressed as a devil. I was drawn to the premiere by the cast. The premiere seemed to be trying too hard to be funny. To me, it missed the mark, but I will be watching a few more episodes just to see if any of the jokes hit.

Scream-Queens Premiere Review

The Grinder – This show is awesome and hilarious! I am excited to see Rob Lowe in another comedic role after leaving Parks & Rec. The conflict is between 2 brother – 1 lawyer and 1 actor who just wrapped up a TV show where he played a lawyer. The real lawyer is not that great and is helped by the actor lawyer. It all makes you laugh out loud.

the-grinder review

There are still some new shows I need to see, but I was pretty busy this week. I scheduled most of the show on my DVR and the others are available On Demand.  The show that are waiting for me I still am curious to catch up with are How to Get Away With Murder,  Once Upon a Time, and Empire.

Coming Back this Season

Scandal – Olivia Pope is back with Fitz in the White House! Last season ended with Fitz kicking Mellie out of the White House. Fitz wants to bring the relationship into public view, but Olivia is apprehensive. Her fears are conveniently woven into the case she is working on with Quinn, the death of a Princess with a scandalous secret. The biggest scandal comes at the end of the episode! Can’t wait until next week!


Brooklyn 99 – Last season had me sitting on the edge of the couch waiting to see who the new captain would be in this first episode. I was super excited and literally laughed out loud when I saw Bill Hader was the new Captain of the 99. His craziness signaled that he would not last long, but I am still glad we had him for the one episode. The Vulture is the new official Captain at the episode. Hilarious situations are likely to ensue! I can’t wait!


Modern Family – The love between Andy and Haley hits a huge bump, but I think they will end up together in the end. The drama and hilarity of the show are still going strong. This show is amazing as always!

modern family season 7

The Blacklist – My heart is still pounding hard from watching this premiere. It had the face pace and questions that I have come to expect from the show. I love the new hair on Elizabeth Keen and Reddington’s reaction to it. I’m still dying to know if Reddington is Elizabeth’s Father.

blacklist season 3

Upcoming October Premieres

• October 1: Sleepy Hollow, Bones
• October 2: Dr. Ken
• October 4: Madam Secretary, The Good Wife, CSI: Cyber
• October 6: The Flash, iZombie
• October 7: Arrow, Supernatural
• October 8: The Vampire Diaries, The Originals
• October 9: Undatable, Reign
• October 13: Chicago Fire
• October 19: Jane the Virgin
• October 26: Supergirl
• October 27: Wicked City
• October 30: Grimm

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209 thoughts on “Fall TV Premieres”

  1. I was most excited for The Grinder, but found it really unfunny and I am watching because I love both actors and to see if the writing gets better. Really excited to see AHS Hotel, but I am only sticking with it if it is scary, and not campy.

  2. Although I’m not a huge fan, my teen kids are already loving Scream Queens! And I like Jamie Lee Curtis, and have enjoyed seeing her in it!

  3. Actually, none of those excite me much. I was very interested in watching the original CSI, since I wanted to find out how they were going to end it up, but was surprised to learn it was a one-time for completion, and it was somewhat contrived to wrap all little ends they could think of!

  4. I was excited for Scream Queens, and, frankly it did not disappoint. It is over the top horror comedy fun. Cannot wait to figure out this mystery.

  5. Reign , and Jane the Virgin and I love UNDATABLE ! Grider and Grandfather is so funny too they have a LOT of good shows coming this year !


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