Amazing Food at the W Hotel

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Stylish Staycation – W Hotel

Services and accommodations were provided for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

When April and I stayed at the W Hotel recently we had an amazing time! Not only was it great to relax at the pool and beach, but the food was spectacular as well!

Brunch at Steak 954

Steak 954 is the awesome restaurant located at the W – Ft. Lauderdale.  April and I had a chance to eat there when we were staying at the W recently. On our first morning at the hotel, we went down to Steak 954 for brunch. The restaurant is beautiful with classy and elegant decor. I ordered Eggs and Hash-browns and April ordered steak and eggs. Both dishes were mouthwatering when they sat plated before us. Upon our first few bites we knew that stopping for brunch at Steak 954 was the right choice. The W Hotel really does of amazing food!

W Hotel Breakfast-5

W Hotel Breakfast-4

W Hotel Breakfast-6

Poolside Dining at the W Hotel

A while after brunch (at least an hour to prevent cramping!) we went to the hotel pool. It had been several hours and we were on vacation, so when the poolside server came by to take our order we just had to splurge on a burger. We went for a swim in the pool and eventually the pool attendant notified that our food was ready. When we got back to our chairs a delicious burger and large plat of fries were delievered to us. We were ecstatic that the quality of food found at Steak 954 wasn’t a one-off for the W Hotel. The burger was juicy and delicious and the fries were cooked to perfection.

W Hotel Breakfast-9

Steak 954 Dinner

Where else would we go for dinner but back to Steak 954? After a full day of cooking in the sun our appetites were whetted. This didn’t stop us from order some appetizers though! We started the meal off with some sliders and a crab ceviche. Then we moved onto the main event. April got a New York Strip and I got the Filet Mignon. Both were tasty and perfectly cooked.

W Hotel Steak 954 Dinner-4

W Hotel Steak 954 Dinner-2

W Hotel Steak 954 Dinner-8

W Hotel Steak 954 Dinner-5

We also had to get some sides as well! We got truffled mac and cheese as well as stuffed hashbrowns. At this point we were slowing down in the amount of food we could in-take. So we took the sides with us back to the room and picked them over until we fell into a blissful food-coma!

W Hotel Steak 954 Dinner-7

W Hotel Steak 954 Dinner-6

Room Service at the W Hotel

The first night that we stayed at the W, we were exhausted, so w ordered room services. This wasn’t your standard room service though! We got a spicy chicken flatbread and a tasty key lime confection.

W hotel room service-3 W hotel room service-2

If you have a chance to stay at the W Hotel Fort Lauderdale, then definitely take the time to enjoy the spectacular food available there! Also, check out our last post about our stylish staycation.

All Photo by April & Kevin Erhard of SunStone Productions

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  1. Oh wow, that food looks amazing! I stayed at a W Hotel before but didn’t get to enjoy any of the food. I’ll make it a point to next time!

  2. Wow, that looks like a fantastic place to eat. Thanks for sharing all the different options. I would love to go there and enjoy some poolside dining!


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