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I stumbled upon the Wanderer Bracelets shop in Northwood Village a few months ago on a staycation trip to Downtown West Palm Beach staying at the Hilton Downtown Palm Beach. They have such a cute shop with a great story that I knew I had to share. 

What is a Wanderer Bracelet?

A Wanderer Bracelet is sustainably sourced stylish jewelry that is worn as mementos of inspiration and remembrance of travel experience and friends. 


Bali BraceletsThe Story of Wanderers Bracelets

The founder of Wanderer Bracelets got lost in the Bali and discovered a village of talented artist carvers. He brought bracelets back to his friends and then the idea for Wanderer Bracelets was born. The Wanderer Bracelets are now made by these artists in Bali and sold as mementos of inspiration and travel.

Wanderer Bracelets Northwood Village

The making of Wanderer Bracelets now provides a reliable source of income for nearly 150 Balinese. According to the Wanderer Bracelet site, “on average, [the] artisans [they] have partnered with have seen a five-fold increase in income, this means they have the power to provide needed health-care, education and proper nutrition for their families.” How amazing is this story of travel and sustainability?

What are Wanderer Bracelets made from?

Each pendant is carved from all-natural, repurposed water buffalo bone. Water buffalo are domestic cattle that are common in Bali and across all of Indonesia. They are used by family farmers to plow rice fields. It is nice to know that no water buffalo never have and will never be killed to make Wanderer Bracelets. Generations of artisans have carved bone for art, tools, and jewelry.


Feather BraceletsWanderer Bracelets is committed to making their products from natural materials that are ethically sourced. They are a refreshing, burden-free alternative to jewelry made from precious stones, metals or ivory.

Water buffalo bone is a beautiful and durable organic material that finds new life as jewelry instead of going to waste.Domestic water buffalo are never killed for their bone. Most live their lives on small family farms where they are highly valued and cared for. Families rely on these venerable animals to plow rice terraces and fertilize crops. With five million domestic water buffalo throughout the islands of Indonesia, their bone and horns are in abundant supply, and the villagers have used these materials for generations to create art, tools, and adornments. Since they work in open-air jungle huts, there is a minimal industrial footprint.

How are Wanderer Bracelets made?

All Wanderer Bracelets are handmade by artisans in Bali who are families working from their homes. Everything from the strands of thread woven together, to the carving of the buffalo bone, to the creation of the bags the company uses to ship the Wanderer bracelets in are made by hand. Even the gift boxes and display stands are handmade in Bali! Then, the products are sent from the village in Bali to the storefront in Northwood Village, West Palm Beach, Florida. That is where I found my Wanderer Bracelet.

Wanderer Bracelets Bali

Wanderer Bracelet Review

My daughter and I bought matching Lotus Wanderer Bracelets with pink. The Lotus stands for Strength. Just as the beauty of a lotus flower comes from its strength. The Lotus has to push through the mud to bloom and grow. Honor the power of your journey with this ancient symbol of purity, wisdom, and rebirth.

The Wanderer Bracelet is a great gift idea for friends to share. I am considering getting a few for my daughter’s friends because there are lot of birthdays coming up and I love the idea of giving something meaningful. 

Get your Wanderer Bracelet here on their site or at the Flagship Store in Northwood Village:

415 Northwood Road
West Palm Beach, FL 33407








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