7 Most WEARABLE Fall Fashion Trends

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Fall is a time of excitement for many fashionistas. The new season brings us so many new trends, and the WEARABLE Fall Fashion Trends are no exception!

Focusing on WEARABLE styles like relaxed jeans, faux fur, and quilted puffer coats that can help you to stay warm while looking chic.

Let’s take a look at 5 WEARABLE Fall Fashion Trends that will have you feeling stylish all year long!

relaxed jeans

Fall Fashion Trends

Here are the
Here are the wearable fall fashion trends that are very wearable and you can incorporate into your everyday life.

  • Relaxed Denim
  • Faux Fur/Leather/Shearling
  • 1970s Trends
  • Quilted PUFFER Jackets
  • Head to Toe Knitwear
  • 1990s Revival
  • Bridgerton Style

Puffy Trend

The puffer trend if coming in hot for fall. There were a ton of puffer jackets down the runway. If you live in a cold climate, then you probably have one already.

I have a puffer coat, but have literally never worn it outside since it is so warm where I live in the winter.

However, I will be packing it to travel this year since we are heading to the North East for Christmas.

I have to include the puffy purses in this trend because they seem to be everywhere. I have a large MZ Wallace tote bag that is extremely puffy and have always been drawn to the Bottega Veneta puffy bags.

I have actually put together a dupe for the Bottegega purse because I am not ready to spend a fortune on a Bottega purse. If I am being honest, I would hold out for the Chanel 19. I have dreams about the puffy leather and chunky strap on the Chanel 19.

Normally, I am all for investing in purses, but I have been much more reserved about spending on them lately since we went into quarantine. I have been going for things that I can wipe off easily and give a real cleaning without worrying about hurting a designer bag’s beautiful leather.

70s Trend

The 1970s is back in a big way, but not in a costume sense. You can add a touch of the 1970s into your wardrobe by picking up a piece of the many trendy items that super hot right now.

The 1970s was all about bell bottoms, chocolate browns, geometric prints, fringes, clogs, and center parts.

Personally, I down for all of it, but won’t be wearing all the trends in one look.

I am so excited about the chocolate browns and have grabbed a few pieces to see how I am feeling about them.

I have always loved the geometric 70s Pucci Prints and will definitley be incorporating them into my everyday looks.

Even the flatform sandals that everyone is love is really a 70s trend that has been reimagined. I have several pair and love the style and the added height. šŸ™‚

Browns are back along with pucci style prints.

Faux Fur, Shearling, & Leather

Another trend that is kind of part of the 70s revival is the readmergance of the Faux Fur, Shearling, & Leather. Isabel Marant showed some fun cranberry colored leather and shearling on the runway for fall.

Colored leather is coming in hot in so many fun ways. Alberta Ferretti showed browned suede and green leather on the fall ready to wear runway.

Shearling and faux fur are popping up in tons different ways including in slipper shoes. I am totally down to wear shoes that look like slippers around town.

Proenza Schouler showed head to toe knits with slippers as shoes. LOVE it!

Head to Toe Knits

After being cooped up the house for so long, I think we are all used to comfort. This seasons comfort is coming out in head to toe knit looks.

You can wear head to toe knit pants set or skirt set. Jason Wu showed this beautiful knit set at fashion week.

For pre-fall and fall, the lighter colors are super in style, but as the seasons get colder, I think that the dark brown, black and grey head to toe knits will be commonplace.

You can also wear a fun sweater dress for fall as well.

Relaxed Jeans

Tik Tok is going a little crazy about kicking skinny jeans to the curb. I think after being home in relaxed clothes, no one wanted to put on skinny jeans.

Now, you can wear wear some awesome relaxed jeans like mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, straight leg jeans, girl friend jeans, flare jeans, and wide leg jeans.

Late 90s Revival

The 90s are back and it is SOOO cool! I am huge fan of the 90s look even if I am weary of adding it back into my wardrobe.

The 90s Clueless and Friends era were all about cropped tops, plaid skirts, chunky Doc Martens, and layering white shirts under dresses.

Layering tops under dresses is a huge trend for fall. Ulla Johnson showed how crazy it can get on her fall 2021 runway.

I keep adding lug Chelsea boots to my cart, but have not pulled the trigger yet. They are really calling my name, but here in Florida, we just don’t wear boots often enough to justify a splurge. I did get my daughter a pair of lug boots and she loves them!

Sweaters vests are part of this 90s revival and I am definitely incorporating this preppy trend into my fall wardrobe.

The crop top and high waisted bottoms is huge 90s trend that is back in a big way. I love crop tops for petites as it really plays up our proportions and cuts all that extra fabric!

Business on the Top & Party on the Bottom

Zoom work day fashion is full effect with focus on sweater vests, dickies, and office vests. Wear your business on the top and sweatpants on the bottom.

Bridgerton Trend

Bridgerton has everyone hankering for Regency Era style. Grab a puffed sleeve blouses and dresses. Also, capes were huge on the runways as well.

The feminine pearl hair accessories and jewelry are a great way to bring Bridgerton elegance to everyday.

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Fall Fashion Colors

Here are some fun fall color trends that are going to be hot this season.

  • Chocolate Brown
  • Clay Red
  • Yellow
  • Bridgerton Blue
  • Fuchsia
  • Lavender
  • Nudes
  • Blushes
  • Army Green
  • Primary Red
  • Denim
  • Light Gray

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