What to Wear to a Super Bowl Party

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The Ravens and the 49ers will be facing off at the Super Bowl on February 3, 2013. Everyone else will be concerned about the game that day, but I am concerned about what I am wearing to the Super Bowl Party!


What to Wear to Superbowl Party


I might just buy these boots anyway. Both the purple and red boots are awesome and need to be in my shoe closet ASAP! My shoes need stylish friends.


What to Wear to Watch the Superbowl


Victoria’s Secret has awesome team outfits, but for some reason they are not selling 49ers stuff until August. I guess they did not realize that the 49ers would be going to the Super Bowl this year. If I was a 49er fan, I would be very upset. Luckily, I am not and all my teams are represented on VS.


What to Wear to Superbowl for Ravens


I am getting these red football earrings for my sister. She is Seminole and likes all things “Garnet.” These are close enough and would look awesome on her.


What to Wear to the Superbowl for 49ers


I love both teams colors, but since neither one of them are my teams, I am not buying any team gear for the Super Bowl. Instead, I will be wearing a mix of the colors from each team. A little purple, red and gold to make myself completely team neutral. I added this broken heart necklace to show my sadness that my teams did not win. It is from Etsy and I need to order it ASAP!


My team didn't win and my heart is broken, what to wear to the Super Bowl

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