What to Wear Sightseeing

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When traveling I like to avoid dressing like a tourist, but being comfortable is still a priority. I look online to see what people are wearing in the place that I am visiting and try to pack to fit in with the locals. I hate to be an obvious tourist. First, touristy outfits are not very fashionable and obviously, fashion is important to me. Second, I don’t want to easy prey for criminals. I like to spend money on my bags and would not happily give them to some thief!

Here, my hubby and I were visiting Barcelona during the cold season. I wore several layers so that if it got warmer I could easily peel some off. My velvet jacket and Missoni infinity scarf came off during our stay in Barca. I packed neutrals to make it easy to mix and match my outfits. Also, my brown and black Le Pliage bag made it easy to mix black and brown.

What do you wear when you go sightseeing?

April Golightly

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