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I would like to announce that my hubby and I are expecting our first child on July 15, 2013. Check out our baby announcement video. We put together this little video with our new Go Pro Hero 3 to let our family and friends know that I am pregnant with our first child. I am loving my baby bump and will be featuring it and the details of my pregnancy on April Golightly.

Since my husband is a film maker for Sun Stone Productions, we spend a ton of time thinking of great videos to share with my readers. This baby announcement video is the top of the iceberg. Since we got our new toy the Go Pro Hero 3, we are definitely going to be getting active with our videos.

This day at the beach was the first time in months that I have energy to do more than one activity in the day. We went to the beach and out to dinner with friends afterwards. I had a minor headache in between, but I napped it off in 2 hours. During the first trimester, I was exhausted and had morning sickness at least 3 times per day everyday. I hear that most people don’t have it that bad, but I certainly did! I am glad to be on the other side of the first trimester and am anxiously awaiting finding out the gender. I will let you know!

15 weeks pregnant

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