When to Shop for Toddler Girl Swimsuits? Seasonal Buying Guide for Parents

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I don’t know if it is subjective or not, but I do believe that most of us enjoy summer time and higher heat. This is especially true when it comes to babies and children.

They love summer and sea trips because they offer sensory experiences like the warmth of the sun on their skin, the feel of sand between their tiny fingers and the sound of waves crashing. To achieve that you need to shop toddler girl swimsuits ASAP!

A sea trip with your toddler will provides endless opportunities for play from splashing in the waves, bathing to building sandcastles. With summer time there is one more thing we enjoy and it is longer days with which we get more outdoor adventures that cater to our need for freedom and joy.

When everything is combined what we get are cherished memories and connection to nature, on a more profound level that toddlers and children cherish to adulthood.

Summertime and a beach trip mean you have to go shopping for swimsuits. This is a bit more tough when you have to go buy one for a toddler girl. Today, funny enough we won’t be making a guide on what type and style of a swimsuit you can buy, rather we will focus on the timeframe for buying one so you can ensure you find the perfect swimsuit while also saving time and money. 

Here’s a seasonal buying guide to help parents with this task. Enjoy!

  • Early Spring (February – March)

Those that are really eager to get on the beach usually start browsing for swimwear early on and as we managed to find out if you start early in the spring season you will be graced with retailers just starting to release their new swimwear collections. If you are fast enough and on point with the new releases you may get some finer and more stylish pieces at very good prices. Focus on earlier sales and promotions if you want to catch that great deal on last season’s styles or early releases of what is coming currently.

Online shopping should be considered because it offers a wider selection and the convenience of shopping from home, but keep in mind that the sizes are not the same at each shop so look for the retailers that will allow exchanges if the size isn’t right.

Late Spring (April – May)

This is probably the perfect time for a balanced swimsuit shopping because at this period the weather warms up and retailers typically offer a wider variety of swimsuit styles and sizes, at still more than good prices. This is when you should heavily take advantage of end-of-season sales on winter clothing. If this sounds strange it isn’t because by doing this you are going to make a lot of room in your budget for swimsuit purchases.

Make sure you visit local stores, and do some online shopping as well, to try on different styles and sizes to find the perfect fit for your toddler.

Early Summer (June – July):

This is the period to go swimwear shopping for your young ones. At this time retailers start offering discounts on new and past-season swimsuits as they prepare for mid-season sales. This means lower prices but also a lot more choice. Those who are focused on saving money at all costs do keep an eye out for clearance racks or online flash sales because these can sometimes surprise you.

Another good practice since everything can be bought cheaply, is to purchase multiple swimsuits so your toddler always has a clean and dry one ready for fun in the sun.

Late Summer (August – September):

This is the period when you may find retailers offering significant discounts on remaining swimsuit inventory to make room for fall merchandise. This is also when you have a lot less choice but the mark-ups are incredible. If you can find what you like and what won’t be considered outdated in the future make sure you stock up on swimsuits for future use or next year’s summer season.

Also, a smart thing here, if you are going for several pieces for next or the year after, is to buy larger sizes to accommodate your toddler’s growth.

Off-Season (October – January):

Of all of these buying periods this one may be considered to be the most counterintuitive, but shopping for swimsuits during the off-season can get you significant savings.

Off-season sales, especially around holidays like Black Friday and similar, is the time when retailers offer discounts on a wide range of things including swimwear.

This guide isn’t something that should be religiously followed but it will help you prepare and strategically plan your purchases. Saving a few bucks for some other activities while on the sea can be more than beneficial, and your toddler has more chances of experiencing something more than just sand and water. How about a smaller cruise of a cove or something with the money you saved buying smart?!

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