Will Camouflage Replace Leopard !?!

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Will Camouflage Replace Leopard !?!

Camo has become one of my favorite prints lately. I actually wondering if camouflage print will replace leopard print as the go to neutral print this fall. The print contains some of the same neutral color contained in leopard. Black and tan grounds camo as a neutral print the same way it does for leopard. Camo looks great with black, brown, and a wide variety of other colors, including, but, of course, not limited to yellow, orange, and pink.

Will Camouflage replace leopard

My fave camo color scheme  is the  traditional camouflage print that G.I. Joe wore and any version of the  print that mutes the colors rather than ramps them up. Michael Kors  showed a blue fur version that is a little much for my taste, but to each is own. I am loving this blue camo t-shirt from the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collection. I suggest trying blue camo on small accessories like a belt, clutch or bangles.



Outfit Deets: Top: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target (similar); Pants: Zara (last worn here); Ring & Necklace: Ann Taylor; Bag: Beall’s (last worn here); Sunglasses: Tory Burch (last worn here); Shoes: Nine West

You can find camouflage items all over the place even your local uniform shop. I actually found some men’s military camo pants at Good Will and made pillows out of them. The camo pants worn by the military is extremely durable and has held up to abuse. If you have a DIY idea, this is an awesome fabric for it.

Depending how much you love  the print, I would consider investing in a piece that can cross seasons.  I bought a pair of camo pumps and a pair of studded camo loafers. I am now on the hunt for a camo belt and scarf. I will not be getting any camp clothes because I plan  to lose weight and don’t want to spend too much money on clothes that I  will not be able to wear in 6 months. This body is going to have to go  through some serious reformation before I start spending any serious  cash on my wardrobe.

I have been wearing camouflage like crazy lately!

Will Camouflage Replace Leopard !!

What do you think? Will Camouflage Replace Leopard?

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