Winter Music Conference Bikinis Babes and Beats

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Winter Music Conference Bikinis Babes and Beats 

This is a guest post by Lindsay Butter. She graciously offered to attend the Winter Music Conference events including Nikki Beach’s DAVID TORT’s Closeout Blowout, to report on the fashion on behalf of April Golightly. Follow Lindsay on Instagram @Only1Butter. I have been to Ultra a few times and the events surrounding it, but this year I was not prepared for the monstrosity that is the Winter Music Conference. Hopefully, I will be attending again soon once the baby is in school and I get my bathing suit body back!

Miami music week is a known to be the golden goose for DJs and music producers, but how about the fans and partiers. I consider it my favorite time of year to break out the outrageous apparel which is shunned in everyday life; believe me I’ve tried wearing neon in a restaurant and received many stares of confusion. The combination of fast paced music and flashy outfits gives hundreds of thousands of people a reason to look forward to the month of March. For six years now, I’ve attended the wild parties here in Miami Beach and it’s always the time of my life. Although, it is entitled the Winter Music Conference, people fly from around the world to sport their skimpy bikinis in Florida’s version of winter. This year you could count me in attendance at Armin Van Buuren & Friends at the Surfcomber, Cedric Gervais & Friends at the Shelborne and David Tort’s Blowout at Nikki Beach. These are some of the sexy pool party babes I came across.

Chain Bikini

This hottie is rocking a bikini straight from Columbia. Chains have been a hot new trend in general, but on a bikini it would stir the erotic imagination of any onlooker. Although, she spoke no English I managed to utilize my high school Spanish teachings to exchange phone numbers just in case I decide to trade teams. Some chain bikinis I found on Instagram are @YoursTrulyBikinis 

Aside from selfies being the hottest thing in the social media world here is another fun trend in the swimsuit world:

Monkini 1

Ruffles and monokinis! Not all of us have nicely toned abs but monokinis are a great way to show off our  other assets. Ruffles are a cute way to reveal the little girl still prancing around in your heart. This one is made by @OpOceanPacific

cage monokini

Here’s another monokini (on the left) that sports the cage slash bandage look that is definitely up and coming in the swim world. Very eye catching and curve shaping. Follow @KatherinesBoutique for this and other awesome swimwear deals. @ChampagneChic also has some unique cage monkinis and dresses. If you are curious about the bright pink two piece on the right this beauty told me she purchased it at Leidis Fashion Corp in Miami, FL.

high waisted

I’m so in love with this outfit. High waited cut offs are huge now a days. Going along with the idea that most people don’t spend their days doing crunches, this is a hot way for a girl to be sexy and comfortable at the same time. These shorts are notably from American Apparel and come in multiple colors but this is the first I’ve seen them in gold and I must say she pulls off her color matching perfectly.


I’ve also been noticing crocheted pieces making its way to the tropical scene. This adorable shirt slash bikini cover up is sexy and artsy. She said she picked it up at Joyce Leslie, so it’s not expensive to look classy at a pool party. If you’re looking for other cute crocheted attire follow @SaboSkirt and @EmmaOClothing1 on Instagram.

fringe 1
fringe 2
fringe 3
fringe 4

Fringe, Fringe and more Fringe. This style has been in trend since last summer but you will see this everywhere you go now and in more creative varieties. Neon is already a huge must-wear for most EDM parties but combined with fringe these items are definite head turners. For some really hot neon and fringe purchases follow @BikiniMe and @BelaRosaTextil on Instagram.

daisy headpiece

Multiple strappy bottoms is super sexy and leaves little material for covering private areas. Certainly bound to attract any man in heat. For strappy bikini bottoms follow @KandyShopBikinis. Another trend I wanted to mention is headpieces. These are particularly in demand at the moment and the one Jenn is wearing here has daisies all around, which is a huge symbol in the EDM fashion community. Mainly due to the Electric Daisy Carnival, one can expect to see any article of clothing adorned with daisies at any electronic music event. I’ve seen these pieces in Claire’s but also follow @HauteBlossom for some outrageous flower crowns and @LalaNalaShop for light up versions of these.

bow butt

Another youthful symbol being brought into the swimsuit world is the giant bow. The placement of this on a scrunch-butt bottom draws the eye directly those buns you’ve been squatting forever and a day to achieve. Lots of swimwear designers are playing around with color and size variations for this look. Follow @Bleorden for custom bow bikinis and @ExoticCouture

body chain

This awesome body chain is an exceptional example of a new movement in swim accessories. There are many other simple versions of this, but the overall idea is to embellish our figures and to never waste any area of the body that could otherwise be decked out. Also if you have a simple swimsuit at home, pick up one of these and make it fancy for any day in the sun. This body chain and more can be found at and

Which look is your fave?

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7 thoughts on “Winter Music Conference Bikinis Babes and Beats”

  1. Love the white monokini. and Wow, this only motivates me to keep up my work out. I start to get tired and don’t want to work out sometimes, but seeing some of these ladies with great bodies makes me want to keep working out until I get there. Thanks for sharing =)

  2. This is the silliest, waste of time blog I have read so far. none of these outfits are cute what so ever. There is one outfit which looks good and it’s the girl in red, and it has nothing to do with her being the best looking girl in these photos, it has to do with not looking like an idiot. High waisted shorts are not the least bit flattering for girls at all, not a single male and most females with eyesight and taste would agree. They are for teenagers and that’s about it. STOP wearing them, stop promoting them. Do the world a favor, the majority of people wearing these eye sores would be found at all ages UMF, so attention to all ladies of legal age, throw em out , you look silly.

    • Hello Sarah! Thanks for the input. The best thing about fashion — and this is a
      fashion blog, after all — is that you can wear and write about what represents your own
      style philosophy. If you don’t love high-waisted shorts…don’t worry about it, they’ll be
      out of style soon enough, but for right now, they are HOT in Miami.

    • Ultra has nothing to do with SoBe FYI, ultra is an event that had nothing to do with the winter music conference until the mid 2000s, which still doesn’t because it is in downtown Miami while south beach is for wmc events. Stop confusing the 2, ultra is for kids , wmc is adults


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