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This week I am heading off to Dominican Republic on Fathom Cruise where we are doing some relaxing and also some impact activity in the Dominican Republic. The impact activities are volunteer opportunities where we help the locals with their business, build houses, make chocolate, work on water filtration and many more. I feel really wonderful about the good that I doing and also getting some workout and relaxation time in. 


Of course, as I was packing, I had to include a few items that will make me ready for the trip and all the physical labor that I will be doing volunteering outside in the DR. As you know, I have a slight incontinence issue since I had my daughter. Any strenuous activity or laughing will cause me to leak a tiny bit. I packed Poise Impressa Bladder Supports so that I could prevent the leaks before they happen. The impact activities have not started yet, but I know that I will be ready when they do.

fathom-2829 fathom-2794

The workouts and the laughing with my friends has been easy peasy with the help of Impressa. I can’t help, but be appreciative of this awesome technology that stops leak before they happened. When I am exercising or wearing a bathing suit, I really cannot wear a pad. 

It is time for all of us to reclaim our favorite outdoor activities. Whether it is playing in the water with your kids in the summer or volunteering, you really can do it all with the help of Impressa. I found Poise Impressa in the LBL aisle inside Walmart. The packaging is brightly colored and no one really pay attention to what you are buying. It was easy peasy and without judgement. As you can see, that is not all I shopped for that day at Walmart. 

Poise Liners Walmart-1463


Sharing is caring!

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