10 Ways to Set a Healthy Example for your Kids

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You can start living a healthy life with these tips. Before I was a mother, I chose to live a healthy life for myself, but not living healthy is even more important as it helps show my daughter how to be healthy.

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1. Special Occasion Treats

I start showing healthiness by avoiding sweets in front of my daughter. Sweets are considered a treat and are only given on special occasions.


2. Eating Veggies

I try to incorporate veggies into every meal for both my daughter and myself so that I show her how I eat my veggies too. If you are only eating unhealthy items, you cannot expect your kids to eat veggies


3. Skip the Fried Foods

Almost all restaurants have the worst foods for kids. They are all fried. Seek out restaurants with a healthy kids menu.


4. On the Go

Pack healthy snacks for when you are on the go. Put oranges, bananas, carrots, snap peas, or other fruits and veggies in your bag for quick snacks. Let your child see that you like to munch on vegetables when you are on the go.

5. Probiotics


My daughter consumes a ton of probiotics with all the yogurt she eats, but I don’t love it as much as she does. I eat only one per week. To maintain my digestive health, I take Probiotics. It helps maintain your digestive system’s natural balance.

6. Try New Foods Together

It is important to try new foods together so that your kids will have variety in their diet.


7. Cook Together

Cooking is an amazing way to teach math and measurements to your pre-school. It is also a time to bond with your kids. Get the whole family involved in the cooking process to show that female and male roles are flexible. My husband does as much cooking as I do. It is nice to have a balance.


8. Be Positive

Ask older kids and adults to avoid making negative associations with foods. No yuck faces allowed. Only yums in my household.

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9. Exercise Ritual

Make a daily ritual where you not only spend time together, but you are also doing physical activity. It can range from playing sports to just walking.

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10. Eat at the Table

Teach your child to eat at the table rather than with distraction like TV. People tend to overeat when they are distracted.


Sharing is caring!

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