4 Fashion Items All Expectant Mothers Should Have

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4 Fashion Items All Expectant Mothers Should Have

I remember when maternity clothes were far from attractive. Moo-moo like shirts, huge elastic waist pants, and ugly patterns were as good as you could find. What do they think, just because we’re with child means that fashion is not a priority for us anymore? Sure there are days where we feel like throwing on nothing more than an oversized tee shirt and some sweatpants, but what about those days we feel like getting dressed to the nines? Of course maternity fashion has come a LONG way from times past giving us more options to look how we want, when we want.

Finding What Makes You Feel Good

You’re already dealing with a lot of changes physically and emotionally so if throwing on a nice outfit and hitting the town with your spouse or friends makes you feel good, then why not do so? When it comes to maternity fashions, I say go with what makes you feel good. To give you a few basic pointers, here are some fashion staples I think every expectant mother should have.

1.  Pregnancy Support Products

I know for me, the problem with getting all dolled up when I was pregnant was dealing with the aches and pains. A growing belly and breasts were certainly hard to hide after a while and things I liked to wear just didn’t feel as comfortable anymore. I decided to invest in pregnancy support products to aid me in carrying around my growing bundle of joy. The site http://www.preggers.com suggests three ways to keep America’s pregnant women beautiful, describing the benefits of support products such as belly bands, leggings, and socks. Pregnancy support products help support areas where there is a great deal of weight (i.e. the belly area), and also improve circulation and your ability to strut your stuff in your latest fashions.


2.  A Few Pairs of Flats or Wedges

Around the second trimester or so, bearing all that weight on heels is probably not going to feel so comfortable. That doesn’t mean that you have to throw on flip flops or sneakers while you’re pregnant. There are plenty of cute shoe fashions that are just as comfortable as they are cute. Invest in a few pairs of flat shoes. Flats are making a comeback and come in varying colors and styles to compliment whatever you happen to be putting on for the day. Like the idea of being a bit taller? Then try working with wedges instead of heels. Wedges provide a bit more support than heels but can look just a chic while giving you the extended leg you want.

3.  Leggings

Leggings can be a great addition to any outfit no matter what the season may be. Footless leggings can be found in varying colors to match your top. Throw on a long length shirt with a pair of leggings and some flats and you’re ready for a day at the mall. Or throw on a nice tank top and a blazer and you’re ready for a business casual meeting. Leggings are very versatile and will also expand as you expand so it saves you some money.


4.  A-line Dresses/Shirts

There’s nothing worse than buying a shirt one week and the next week you can’t fit it because your stomach has grown. Rather than waste your money, investing in a-line dresses and shirts is the way to go. While they offer support in the breast area, the a- like shape at the bottom allows room for growth. They lie nicely on your pregnant tummy and also come in varying patterns, colors, and styles to match the rest of your wardrobe.


If you have each of these fashion pieces in your wardrobe you can pretty much mix and match anything and look great every time you step out of the door. From making a run to the grocery store, to heading out for a dinner with your significant other, you will not only look great but feel great. These fashion finds are all relatively affordable so there’s very little investment, but a very big result. Who says that expectant mothers can’t look hot while totting around a baby?  You can go from casually chic or runway ready in an instant.

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