4 Seasonal DIY Projects

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Home decorations are something you should change every season, if not every holiday. You can get creative with DIY projects to match the seasons you see outside. Here are four projects that are easy and will make your home look amazing and festive.

Front Door Wreaths


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When you think of front door wreaths you probably imagine the traditional, winter holiday wreaths made of pine, ornaments, and ribbon. However, you can create a wreath for any season and display it on your door. For instance, in the fall you can display a wreath made out of raffia, pine boughs, and jute. You could then decorate it with pumpkins, gourds, cranberries, and even field corn. Change out your front door wreath every season to welcome people into your home with festive flair.

Themed Mailboxes

If you’re looking for more creative DIY projects to change out every season, turn to your mailbox. It’s something that almost every home has on display in the front yard. You can create a new mailbox or mailbox decorations for every season. For instance, in the summer, bright colors are the way to go to represent fun in the sun. Create a box and decorate it with an American flag or collect BBQ items and attach them in a creative way. At the very least, your mail carrier will appreciate the way your mailbox looks.

mailbox-diyTable Centerpieces


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One of the easiest places in your home to decorate is the dining room table. You have space in the center to display items and you can change out your place settings and decorations to match the seasons. For instance, in the spring, decorate your table in pastel colors. Your centerpiece can feature Easter eggs or flowers from the season. This is the perfect time to make DIY floral arrangements. You can use real or artificial flowers and add some potpourri to set the mood.

In the fall, choose table decorations in orange, brown, red, and dark purple colors. Painted pumpkins and leaves will help you celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving. It’s easy to make a traditional cornucopia or wrap miniature pumpkins and gourds in raffia or ribbon.

Paper Window Displays

Window displays are easy to change out every season and there are all sorts of DIY paper crafts that you can make. In the winter, cut out paper snowflakes and stick them to your windows or cut out paper pumpkins and leaves for the fall. The best part is that you can get your kids involved in your paper window displays. Everyone will see the decorations when they visit your home and your kids will remember the fun they had making them.


These are just a few DIY decorating projects to get you started. You can also change out your living room throw pillows, towels and linens, artwork, and more. You don’t need fancy skills to decorate. You just need a little time, money, and creativity to make your home festive each season.

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