5 Must Haves for Moms Post C-Section

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My C-Section was planned because of the size of my daughter. She was estimated to be over 10 pounds, but came out 9 pounds 2 ounces. I had gestational diabetes that causes babies to be born at a higher birth weight. As with any serious surgery, you cannot really plan for the pain involved. Luckily, Cesarean Sections are done everyday with great success. Recovery is also quite painful and happening when your new little one needs you and your hormones are raging. I decided to breast feed my little one and that is much more taxing on the body while recovering from a C-Section. I am not trying to scare anyone or discourage anyone from breast feeding, but my recovery has not been fun. Other women have had an easier recovery, but I am telling you what I needed and used when I came home from the hospital with my new little one. P.S. I would do it all the same even though it was tough.

5 Must Haves for Moms Post C-Section

1. Rebelt Post-Natal Panty Girdle

The Anita Maternity Rebelt has been a life saver! If you ignore the rest of the list, get this one! I have worn it everyday since I got home from the hospital! I would recommend even bringing the girdle to the hospital so you can start getting the benefits right after you get out of surgery. Check with your doctor to make sure she’s cool with you using it at the hospital. The pain I felt at the hospital was caused mostly by moving. The Rebelt helps you move easier as it holds in the incision and your stomach. It also holds you in and makes it easier to move, sneeze, and laugh. It still hurts in the beginning, but the pain is lessened with the girdle. I am still wearing it every second of the day and night except in the shower and when I wash and dry it daily. Gross alert! If you are squeamish, skip to #2! My stomach felt as though it was falling out and this helped keep it feeling feeling put together.

2. Night Gowns

Since you abdominal area is very sensitive, I would recommend purchasing a few night gowns so that you can be comfortable and not have any tightness around your mid-section. Something with skinny straps makes it easier to nurse.

3. Nursing Bras

If you are going to be nursing after a c-section or at all, you will need a few nursing bras. I have been using one from Anita Maternity that is does not have under wire. I have been wearing it almost everyday so that I can easily feed my new little one. Anita has a great selection of colors and styles and tons of sizes. I have tried on other nursing bras at local stores that do not fit as well.

4. Boppy or My Breast Friend

As a new mother recovering from a c-section, I would also recommend either the My Breast Friend or Boppy pillow to make it easier to hold the baby while feeding. These c-shaped pillows take pressure off your incision as you will not have to hinge your body as much during feedings.

5. Support Person

I would highly recommend having a support person around to help you with the baby during your recovery. You really need help doing simple things that you take for granted during the recovery period.

Anita Maternity gave me a nursing bra and Rebelt Girdle for review purposes. As always, all opinions are my own.

What do you think of list of must have for recovering from a C-Section?

Anything you might want to add?


Sharing is caring!

6 thoughts on “5 Must Haves for Moms Post C-Section”

  1. I had so many friends that had c-sections and they said the stitches recovery was the worst part. I think you may be right about that girdle! I think that would have really helped every one of them.

    The rest are fantastic post pregnancy items for all moms. I used the rest all the time after I had my babies, and I didn’t have a c-section.


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