Beauty Tips on How to Combat ALLERGY FACE™

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I have been plagued by allergies for my entire life. When I was a kid, I was allergic to dogs, but thankfully that allergy is gone. Now, my worst allergies are cats, weeds and dust. I do have some food allergies that can get annoying like strawberries, red wine, peaches, and marshmallows. Of course, I love all these things! I really don’t have it that bad as my sister is still allergic to dogs and my mom is allergic to the sun. Can you imagine? My sister is living with me and my puppy, Harrison Ford. She loves him so much that she cannot help petting him. ZYRTEC® is her go to medicine when she is suffering after hugging “The Ford”. Sometimes, when I cannot avoid my allergies or I don’t know that I have eaten or been exposed to my allergies, my throat and ears start to get itchy, I immediately look for a ZYRTEC®. For me, the best way to combat Allergy Face is to grab a ZYRTEC®. I have tried to cover up the bags under my eyes caused by allergies, but the best thing I can do for it is take a ZYRTEC®.

There are several ways to combat Allergy Face with makeup tips as 66% of women with allergies feel ugly or unattractive because of their Allergy Face. Don’t let your allergies ruin your day!

allergy face



How to distract from Watery Eyes?

  1. Black Mascara Helps! Check out the video on how to get the wet eye look that helps distract from watery eyes.
  2. Naked Eye Shadow Palettes are hot this season and helps distract from the watery eye look. They help lighten and brighten eyes.
  3. Make your eyes pop by lining the eye ¾ of the way around with black eyeliner and line the inner corner with gold eyeliner.

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Does Allergy Face bother you? What do you do to look good when you are suffering from Allergy Face?

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