FREE Printable Animals Coloring Book

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This Animals Coloring Book is the ideal way to learn about animals and have fun coloring. The best part it is free to download.

We absolutely love coloring and drawing here in our house. We are super excited to share this amazing new coloring book we just created.

We have included some of our favorite animals like the super cute squirrels we see on our walks everyday.

animals coloring book squirrel

We have included some animals that you might not see as often as a squirrel, but that you might hear at night with your children. You can remind that you heard an owls last night or tell them when you hear them at night.

Animals Coloring Book owl

We have also included some African animals that you might recognize from movies like The Lion King.

On each page of this book, you will find a the name of the animal written out so that your child can color it along with the animal.

Even if your child is not reading yet, you can read the name to them so that can begin identifying the animals.

animals coloring book cheetah

Benefits of Coloring

The benefits of coloring are not always obvious at first. What is the big deal with coloring? Why are there adults coloring books now?

Well, coloring is said to reduce stress and anxiety in children and adults. It is used by Psychologists to help children relax in therapy sessions and is “prescribed” to help children with anxiety and focus problems.

It helps children improve their focus, sleep, and fine motor skills.

With all these benefits, it is important to keep coloring as part of your children’s everyday life.

We love sharing ways to make that happen without breaking the bank and buying coloring books every other week.

How to Print the Coloring Pages?

All you need to print these coloring pages is a black and white printer with paper and ink.

Even if you do not have that, you can send them to your local Office Depot to have them printed for a nominal fee per page.

How to Use Printable Coloring Books?

  • Dinner -Use them at the Dinner Table for a pre-meal coloring session.
  • Before Bed – Color them before bed to relax your child.
  • Stress – Use them during stressful situations for your child.
  • Restaurants – At restaurants to keep your child while they wait for their meal. I always have coloring sheets and a small colored pencil pack in my purse.
  • Waiting – If one child has to wait for another child in the car or at practice, use the lap desk and this coloring book to keep them entertained while they wait.
  • Car -In the car with washable ultra clean markers and a lap desk. No crayons because they melt in hot cars and no pencils for any sudden stops.

Download the Coloring Book HERE

Here is the FREE Animals Coloring Book! Download it, print it, and let your little ones have a blast. They won’t even know they are learning something along the way.


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