Becoming an Expert at Accessorizing

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Becoming an Expert at Accessorizing

Finding the right top, skirt, or jacket is usually the easy part of getting dressed. Selecting the perfect accessories is where everything tends to become a little more complicated. Those stud earrings, tattoo tights, and techno scarves may look great in the store window, but will they complete your outfit or get shoved to the back corner of your closet? While choosing the ideal accessories is an art, becoming an expert at accessorizing requires just a few simple steps.

Becoming an Expert at Accessorizing

Jewelry and Baubles

The most important step is to find accessories that make a statement about who you are; accessories add style and spice. This year fashion trends are exciting and dramatic. It is the perfect time to find the look that’s right for you. Start with something basic, a simple gold chain from  Michael Hill, or a lovely set of glass charms, and build from there. Go through your jewelry and sort out items that you never wear. Sell them on eBay; give them as gifts, or to your favorite charity. Clearing out allows you to recognize what you adore. Are earrings your item of choice, bracelets… watches? Do you love wearing a handful of thin silver bands? As you go through your jewelry-box, surf the internet, and peruse the pages of the latest fashion magazines certain items will strike your interest and patterns will begin to emerge.




Belts and Scarves

The next step is to sort through belts and scarves. You may find that you’re clinging to old belts that you haven’t worn in over a decade. Chances are you may never wear them. Is it worth hanging onto accessories that just don’t suit you anymore? This year, thin belts and scarves are popular fashion trends. Try on a variety of belts to see what styles enhance your figure. Select belts that change up your existing clothes and help you transition from day into evening. Likewise, scarves can help you dress up or down. They are versatile and perfect for travel. Larger scarves can be worn on cooler evenings. Most scarves can be tied around the hair, neck, shoulders and waist. Scarves, turbans, and shawls provide one of the most inexpensive and attractive ways to go from drab to chic.

teal printed scarf

Hosiery and Shoes

Selecting the right hosiery and shoes will help to adapt many styles to seasonal changes. A simple black sheath can be worn together with lightweight shirts and colorful tights during the winter months. During the summer, the same dress can be paired with bare legs, sandals, and bright glass beads. As with all undergarments, select hosiery that is suited to your build and makes you feel good about yourself. While stockings and tights may not seem that important, they provide a finishing touch that doesn’t go unnoticed. The right flats, sandals, and boots will either make or break the outfit. Comfortable, quality shoes are one of the most important accessories. The simple truth is that if you aren’t comfortable you are not going to be at your best… and your looks will reflect that fact!

Valentino mint pumps

Shoe Cult Luxe Pump Blush

The Little Extras

Finally… hats, hair clips, broaches, and gloves are the little extras that provide interesting detail and flair. Go through your entire wardrobe, pull out everything that weighs you down, decide what is missing, and have fun. Take chances and explore… because isn’t that what becoming an expert at accessorizing is really all about?!

Starfish Shape Hair Clip Barrette

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