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The new year is in full swing and it is time to figure out where you are going this year. QC Career School has a ton of option for creative types like me. They have a ton of different programs, like makeup, decorating, event planning, travel, personal styling, and writing.

QC Career SchoolI have been slowing working through the personal styling program so that I can be a better fashion blogger. I would like to also take writing, makeup, and decorating. Actually, now that I really think about it I would like to take all the programs. Check out the specific programs below.

QC Travel School

QC Design School

You can work at your own pace as I have been doing. This is great for stay at home moms or women that have full-time jobs that keep them preoccupied. It is easy to review your grades and tutor’s feedback. Once you’ve submitted your work you will be hearing back from your tutor within a few business days. Your tutor will provide you with letter grades as well as audio feedback (writing students will receive written feedback).

Use a tutor at QC academy

I am simply in love with the QC Career School Blog has awesome content that is a must read. The topics range from DIY to Writing.


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