Pumpkin Pillow DIY

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. I love dressing up and pretending to be someone else for a day. Now that I have my own house, I am going to decorate for the Halloween inside and out. I am super excited for the trick-or-treaters that definitely come through our neighborhood. Stay tuned for some outdoor Halloween decorations! For now, try this awesome pumpkin pillow DIY!!!

Pumkin Pillow

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Wedding Lantern Center Piece

I am huge fan of flowers, but for my wedding I did not want to waist money on flowers or have to throw out the flower arrangements the next day. I saw this video from Pottery Barn on creating Unique Long Lasting Center Pieces. At the end of the day, I ended up spending almost as much as I would have on flowers. I found the lanterns at Lowe’s at the the end of summer during a clearance. I would have loved to get Pottery Barn lanterns for every table, but was only able to buy 3. I found these lanterns that look just like the silver ones from Potterbarn at half the cost! This is the mossriver rocks, and ivory candles that I used

lantern center piece

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Clear Clutch DIY

Clear Clutch DIY 

I have been eying the clear acrylic clutches by Charlotte Olympia for quite some time. I decided to give my clear clutch DIY a try when they opened the Container Store at Boca Town Center. There was perfect clear case that works perfecting for my clear clutch DIY. It is a very clutch-able size at 5 x 9 x 2 1/5. I chose the red, white, and blue star print fabric in honor of Independence Day/ The Fourth of July that is approaching.

Clear clutch

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DIY Noodle Massager

My husband and I took a Lamaze class recently and the instructor had a noodle massager that felt amazing on my back. She taught us how to DIY Noodle Massager. It is a great way to relieve pressure on your back during labor for almost no money. It is used like a rolling pin on your back and can give relief to your support person. Labor can be a very long process exhausting the mother and the support person.

do-it-yourself-noodle-massager, DIY Noodle Massager

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Pet Scarf DIY

Every time my puppy, Harrison Ford goes to the groomer her comes back with a cute scarf. Since I have been doing his grooming lately, I decided to make a pet scarf DIY. For my baby shower, I bought a pink polka dot fabric quarter from Joann Fabric. I know he is boy puppy, but boys can wear pink too! He looks very manly in his pink polka dot scarf! We made him a camo printed one that he has been wearing non-stop as well. I cannot wait to match the babies outfits to Harrison’s bandanas. The ability to buy fabric in quarters makes it really easy to make a ton of these pet bandanas.

pet scarf DIY


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Baby Shower Favors

My belly is getting bigger by the day and we just had our baby shower last weekend. The gifts somehow made the her coming more immenient and real. The Baby Shower Favors were probably the most fun thing about the baby shower preparation. If you have already hosted a baby shower, you know how much work it is. My sister, Bobbie took care of almost everything and I asked the lovely people at The Village Stand to help me find some local goodies to use as Baby Shower Favors for my guests.




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Destin Pirate Party DIY Outfit

This week I went to my first Brandcation in Destin, Florida at the Emerald Grande Vista Resort. The trip was so much fun! Everyone was extremely nice and it was just great to meet some awesome people. One of my favorite part of the trip was the Buccaneer Pirate Cruise. We dressed up for the Pirate Scurvy trip. I put together my Destin Pirate Party DIY outfit as there was no way that I was paying for a maternity costume to wear once and go over my maternity fashion budget.

DO-IT-YOURSELF-PIRATE-COSTUME, Destin Pirate Party DIY, destin party outfit, Pirate Party DIY Outfit,Destin Pirate Party DIY Outfitdestin florida,

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Family Bonding Over Some Jackson Pollock

Family Bonding Over Some Jackson Pollock

The family that can make a mess together stays together. Having fun with your significant other is key to lasting relationships. In an effort to test my theory on relationships, I decided to ask my fiance to get involved with a little home DIY.  I am huge fan of Jackson Pollock ever since I saw one his paintings in person 15 years ago.  The splatters spoke to me in an very unexpected way. The chaos of the splatters made sense to me and the beauty was overwhelming.


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DIY Glitter Bag

I purchased all the ingredients for this DIY months ago and finally had time to put it together. My inspiration were the Mawi bags that I saw on Moda Operandi. I found most of the items at Bealls Outlet and was able to keep the cost under $25.00. Considering the cost of Mawi bags which range from $948 to $666, the bag was a steal. After all, I have a baby to save for!


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DIY Ribbon Game Day Shirt

When game day is around the corner, you want to stand out with a fun DIY Ribbon Game Day Shirt. My sister and I were shopping the day before the Super Bowl and she was determined to find herself a 49ers top. She normally is not a 49ers fan, but felt that she should support them since they won her fantasy football championship for her. We looked everywhere, but 49er gear is not that popular in Florida. She found kids shirt for a decent price, but did not like the fit. I promised to help her modify it to her liking.


DIY Inspiration: Glitter Bag

I have been itching to make a glitter bag since I saw the Mawi bags on Moda Operandi. I pinned a picture of the bag on my DIY Inspiration Pinterest board months ago and even did the shopping to do it myself, but I just have not found the time. I am going to make … Read more

Do It Yourself Silver Jeans

Metallic jeans are being sold for hundred of dollars in boutiques and online. I thought that I could get the look for next to nothing by doing it myself. I got the idea a few years ago from The Dandy Project. He made a pair of gold shorts, and his post helped me with this DIY project.


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Effie Trinket Costume

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I take it pretty seriously. I started looking for elements of this look several months ago. First I ordered the wig. Then I scowered the earth in search of a worthing suit or dress that had the Capital Style we are all fond of. I found it pinning on Pinterest one … Read more

50 Shades of Grey Halloween DIY

50 Shades of Grey is the hotest book of the year. I recently read it for my book club and realized it would make a great halloween costume. I started searching for as many shades of gray that I could find online. I found 50 shades of gray using google. To complete the look you … Read more

Save Money on Save the Dates DIY

Ingredients 1.  Save the Date Magnets purchased on Vistaprint 2.  Craft Bond Spray Adhesive 3. Paint Chips (note: I chose to mix the colors, but all the same colors would work as well) 4. Magazine 5. Ream of 8 x 10 – 25 Pound White Paper 6. Paper Trimmer 7. Glue Dots 8. Fiance helper (much … Read more

DIY Inspiration Scarf Outfits

Scarf Outfit DIY Inspiration by aprilgolightly featuring vintage clothing dresses scarves top

Neon AND Glitter Nails

Why are your nails so boring?  These days finger nails are very important accessory that need to be factored into your outfit.  Here, I am sporting  neon pink Milani polish under Milani pink glitter nails with a camo top from the juniors section at Bealls.  Layering polishes is a way to wear glitter and neon … Read more