How to Prepare your Home for the Holidays

The holiday season is coming up and I am starting to prepare my home for visitors. I always start from the top down so that the last thing I do is vacuum and mop. I’m super lucky to have a guest room and bathroom that my guests can use.  Even with a dedicated space, preparing my home for the holiday guests takes time and planning. Some of the prep for holiday guests take only a few minute and … Read more

22 Fall DIY Decor Ideas

My house is really starting feel like fall. Outside, however, has not started to cool down yet. I am hoping this weekend will mark the cooling off period. I am ready to feel the weather that my home decor is emanating. I found a ton of amazing DIY Fall decor ideas for you to help you decorate your house for Fall. DIY Fall Decor Ideas Here are some awesome Autumn Decorations that will make it … Read more