How to Build a Dress Up Closet that Boosts your Daughter’s Self Esteem

To me, dress up is a past time that I have always enjoyed. Some of my earliest memories were of digging through my mom’s old dresses and pretending to be all kinds of different characters. I still love dressing up for Halloween and for any reason…just give me a reason and I will do it! I always knew this play time benefited me, but I could not tell you exactly how and why. These days … Read more

SING Family Movie Night and Light Up Sign DIY Tutorial

This post is in partnership with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. All opinions are my own. SING is a fun kids movie that both parents and kids can enjoy. The SING Special Edition is now available on Blu-ray & DVD!  It is a fun filled movie with a story that is extremely compelling with great music and a fantastic cast. We picked up a copy of the SING Special Edition Blu-ray to make a family movie … Read more

The Book of Life Party Flower Headbands

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Fox Home Entertainment. All opinions are my own.  Have you seen the Book of Life?! It is one of my most favorite movies that my daughter also loves! The story, animation, and music make it a pleasure to watch with her! She was ecstatic when I told her we would be making Book of Life Flower Headbands for a craft and movie night! As it gets cooler … Read more