Social Distancing Easter Egg Hunt + Free Printable

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This Social Distancing Easter Egg Hunt is the best way to have a hunt without having to go to the park and hunt for eggs. My daughter had a blast coloring these eggs with me! You can get the free Easter Egg Printable below! 

Easter Egg Window

Social Distancing Easter Egg Hunt

Are your kids sad that they don’t get to do an Easter Egg Hunt in the park this year? My daughter has been moping around about it and asking if the Easter Bunny is still coming. 

My neighbors and I have talked online about doing a window Easter Egg Hunt! I made a cute printable to make it easy to make Eggs to put in your window so that your neighbors can see them on a drive by or walk by! 



Egg Printable


You can choose a window on the front of the house so anyone driving or walking by can see it. The kids can hunt for Eggs in the windows when they getting fresh air.

I am not condoning going outside, but I know a lot of people have been walking around the neighborhood. We stay mostly in our front and backyard so that we don’t run into people. I have noticed that when we venture out, we are constantly having to move out of the way so we don’t break the 6 feet away rule. 

We decided to put the pictures on the back of the house so that the people walking behind our house on the walking path can see them. 

Download the Printable HERE

This is a fun activity to do with your kids and get to share your colorful love with your neighbors! It is a way to bring Easter cheer and community without breaking any social distancing rules. 


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