Easter Canvas Painting

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One of my favorite DIY home decor ideas is to create my own art. This Easter Canvas Painting is perfect for beginners – even kids and toddlers.

Easter Canvas Art

It is starting to feel like spring and I wanted to bring some fun color to my house. This Easter egg painting DIY will help bring more color to your home and have fun with your toddler to create it. My daughter and I had a blast with this craft project.

Easy Easter Canvas Painting DIY Craft 

This is a craft that is easy enough for everyone to create – even kids! There isn’t any painting or fine motor skills required. All you do is dip the sponge into the different pastel colors.

I also love how easy it is to custom with different colors that match your decor. If you have more blushes in your living room, you can use blush pink instead of pastel pink.


Easter Canvas Painting

Are you looking for some lucky canvas art that you can hang up around the house? Well, this one is perfect! This is so easy, even your toddlers can join in the fun. I’ll give you everything you need to know, including supply list and step by step instructions.

Canvas Painting Tools & Supplies 

Before you get started, here are the supplies you’ll need to make your own art.

  • Egg Printable (printer) 
  • Scissors
  • Pencil 
  • Ruler 

Easter Egg Printable

EGG printable

Easter Canvas Painting Instructions 

Ready to get started? Here are the step-by-step instructions. Making your own canvas painting is going to be a cinch.

First, line the workspace with something so that it does not get on the table. We use butcher paper. You need to keep your space clean. Also, get a painting apron to keep your clothes clean. 

Start with a blank canvas and a palette of pastel colors with the sponge paint brushes. 

Draw an egg on the canvas using a pencil. If you need an egg template, you can use the printable below. All you have to do is print it and cut out the egg. Then, trace the egg on the canvas. Easter Egg Printable


Use a ruler and pencil to make designs like stripes. 

Easter Egg canvas painting

Then, I added each color to a cup. If you don’t have  You can use craft cups or clear jars that you use for crafts. I have a few that I set aside for crafting only. 

If you do not have round foam brushes, you can a sponge into 6 or more square.

Use the round foam brushes or cut up sponge pieces to make round dabs in different colors on the stripes.

Easter Egg canvas painting

We used different sizes of foam paintbrushes or sponges to create an oversized pointillist painting.

Then, we painted the outside of the egg. You can choose a different color to make the egg pop. Here we had to outline the egg to make it distinguishable from the background. 

Let the painting dry completely.

Finally, use an eraser to erase the pencil marks. 

Easter Canvas Painting

More Ideas For the Canvas

You can be really creative with this too! Feel free to make it say other words. I love the Easter Egg because it is so simple. Here are some ways to make it more your own. If you make an Easter Egg canvas painting, share it with me on Instagram (@AprilGoLightly) so I can see it!

  • Cut the tape into thinner strips for longer words
  • Create hearts and star-shaped stencils out of paper
  • Paint the entire canvas light green or gold and let it dry first. Then, put your painter’s tape on top – this will create a much more dramatic look.

Happy Easter Canvas Art For Kids

This is such a fun and versatile craft! Here is my daughter showing off her art. You can just see how extremely proud she is of her art! The entire process isn’t very messy – which is another bonus.

Easter Canvas Painting Gift Ideas

What are some ways to use this DIY canvas art idea? Here are my favorites.

  • Easter Canvas Painting Party
    • Either make it part of a birthday party or even just have friends over just for fun. Everyone can make their own canvas art and have something fun to take home and display.
  • Gift Idea
    • If you know someone that just LOVES art, this is a perfect gift! You can also use their favorite colors or the colors they are using in their room. It also makes a wonderful baby shower gift if you know the color scheme of the nursery.
  • Housewarming Gift
    • Do you know someone that is moving to a new place this spring? Give them something new to hang on their wall. They will think of you every time they see it.
  • Educational
    • If you are making this with a toddler, take the chance to teach colors. You can also teach shapes by using differently shaped sponges. Plus, holding onto the sponge brushes teaches hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

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There you go!  Don’t forget to pin this idea for later so you have it for years to come.

Easter Canvas Painting

More Fun Crafts

Looking for more crafts? Here are some of my favorites.

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