Spa Day at Home to DeStress

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Since we are cooped up in the house, I decided to a nice relaxing Spa Day at Home with your choice of do it yourself items or items that you can order online. As of writing this, everything is in stock! 

cucumber infused water

Since we cannot go to spa and we need all the self care we can get, here is an amazing spa day at home guide.

Spa Day at Home to DeStress

Set the Spa Day at Home

You should start by setting the spa at home mood by making you home smell like a spa. The spa essential oil blend you can diffuse can have a mix of the following oils. 

  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus 
  • Peppermint 
  • Rosemary 
  • Tea Tree Oil

Personally, I think you can get in the spa mode with just lavender and eucalyptus.

 These  microfiber towels and a terry cloth headband.

Take a Bath 

I like to lay in a hot water bath with epson salt or use a bath bomb listening to spa music on my phone. It has to be out of reach for safety and so you can relax. You don’t want to be distracted by it. 

If you want to make your own bath bomb, here is a post. Bath bombs are mostly a fun delivery service for epson salt. So, if you are not feeling crafty and love bath salts, here is a great bag of epson salt that I have ordered time and time again.  You can get awesome pre-made bath bombs here. 

Bath Bomb

Body Care 

To keep your body refreshed and silky smooth, you should use a body scrub. You can buy this amazing coffee scrub to use during your spa day. Use it to scrub you body in the shower to remove dead skin and stays on for a few moments to let the yummy oils to sink in.

You can also make you own yummy and sometimes even edible scrubs at home. Here are some awesome scrub recipes that I have made and used for the past few years. Use circular motions in the show to help the coconut oils and essential oils to sink in and remove dry skin. 

  • DIY Body Scrub

Hair Care – Home Spa Treatments 

To care for your hair during your at home spa day, wash it as usual and add a hair mask. Here are my favorite conditioning treatments that you can find on Amazon.

  • Olaplex #3 – Leave on for 15 Minutes and rinse. This one is great for color treated hair. 
  • Kenra Nourishing Mask – This is wonderful for thirsty hair! 

You can also do an oil treatment for your hair ends. Argan oil is my favorite choice because it sinks into the hair rather than staying on top. I know a lot of blogs say to use coconut oil or olive oil. Personally, I have tried these oils on my hair and it does not sink into the hair. They just stay on top. 

I dug into why this is and apparently the coconut oil molecule is too large to penetrate the hair shaft. The argon oil molecule is small enough to penetrate the hair shaft.

This CHI argan oil is a lightweight, quick absorbing blend of argan and moringa oil, specially formulated to rejuvenate and moisturize dull, damaged hair. It adds while incredible shine and movement.  This amazing oil blend also protects against damage from thermal styling and UV rays.

I’ve had this CHI hair oil on my subscribe and save so that it comes every 6 months. I use a dot size amount on my ends before heat styling and then again every other day until I rewash my hair. My hair is extremely damaged since I go from dark brown to light blonde. My hair is extremely thirsty. 

You can go overboard with this hair oil. Add into your hair one dot at a time. You can always add more, but you cannot remove too much until you wash again. 

Facial at Home 

Give yourself a facial during your at home spa day. My daughter and I love doing our facials together. She uses the Animalz kids face masks that look like animals.

Animalz kids face masks
mommy and me face masks

To make your own diy spa facial, here are some masks you can make at home. You can also buy face masks like a sheet mask. I have used Pixi by Petra PLUMP Collagen Boost and Pixi by Petra GLOW Glycolic Boost to help improve skin elasticity. After I take of the sheet mask, I use clean hands to massage the sheet mask serum into my face. It feels great! 

sheet face masks

You can also get eye masks like this Pixi DetoxifEYE. The Pixi eye mask de-puffs instantly!

pixi detoxifeye
mommy and me at home spa day
mommy and me at home spa day with eye mask

Nails at Home 

Doing my nails at home is where I usually draw the line. I am usually too aggressive with cuticle cutting and end up bleeding. Since I no longer have the option to go to a nail salon, I am using the tips given to me by my friends.

On the girls cruise that I was just on, two of my good friends recommended that I skip the manicure and the price tag that goes along with it. I ordered the press on nails (AHHH -I know!) that my friends recommended. They are from a brand called ImPRESS. You can get them from Target and they a come in ton of fun colors with accent nails! 

I tried out the nails and was actually impressed by them! Press on nails have come a long way since my childhood. I like that there is no glue involved. You just pull back the sticker and push it on to your nail. I remember the fails of trying to crazy glue my nails and I really would like to skip that trip down memory lane. 

Check out the options available on Target here. 

Body Lotion 

I am always on the hunt for good body lotion! I always end up going to back to Jergens Ultra Healing. It is the only lotion that actually is soaked up by my skin and leaves it feeling quenched instead of dry. There are so many lotions that just don’t do that! 

At night before bed, I use circular motions to massage the lotion into my entire body. It helps my body feel free of aches and pains. If my shoulders and back are feeling really tight, I add peppermint oil to the lotion to act like icey hot muscle relief. 

What do you do for a Spa Day at Home to DeStress?

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