How to Travel with Kids

We have been traveling with my daughter since she was a baby. After our most recent trip with her as a 4 year old (almost 5) was a slice of heaven in comparison to our last big trip flying out of state. The trip     How to Travel with Kids Start Flying Early Your kids will be easier to deal with and more pliable in the morning. Also, there are less likely to be delays in … Read more

Best Travel Shoes for Women

Finding the best travel shoes for women is high on my priority list because foot comfort can make or break a trip for me. One tiny blister or foot pain can throw off my fun. I have been seeking out the most comfortable shoes for years. Sneaker might seem like the answer for most people, but I am not very athletic and I want to look chic and be comfortable too! Best Travel Shoes for … Read more

Wanderer Bracelets – Northwood Village, FL

I stumbled upon the Wanderer Bracelets shop in Northwood Village a few months ago on a staycation trip to Downtown West Palm Beach staying at the Hilton Downtown Palm Beach. They have such a cute shop with a great story that I knew I had to share.  What is a Wanderer Bracelet? A Wanderer Bracelet is sustainably sourced stylish jewelry that is worn as mementos of inspiration and remembrance of travel experience and friends.    The … Read more