Best Travel Shoes for Women

Finding the best travel shoes for women is high on my priority list because foot comfort can make or break a trip for me. One tiny blister or foot pain can throw off my fun. I have been seeking out the most comfortable shoes for years. Sneaker might seem like the answer for most people, but I am not very athletic and I want to look chic and be comfortable too! Best Travel Shoes for … Read more

Wanderer Bracelets – Northwood Village, FL

I stumbled upon the Wanderer Bracelets shop in Northwood Village a few months ago on a staycation trip to Downtown West Palm Beach staying at the Hilton Downtown Palm Beach. They have such a cute shop with a great story that I knew I had to share.  What is a Wanderer Bracelet? A Wanderer Bracelet is sustainably sourced stylish jewelry that is worn as mementos of inspiration and remembrance of travel experience and friends.    The … Read more