Father’s Day Dinner Plan

Father’s Day Dinner Plan with everything from philly cheese steak, chili dogs, truffle mac & cheese, Fudgie the Whale and more.

Summer Grilling Party Plan & Menu

Summer Grilling Party Plan & Menu with corn lollipops, ribs, spicy sangria with El Yucateco hot sauce, decor ideas for fun summer evening party

Graduation Party Plan

Graduation Party Plan with photo booth, cake, bar cart, cocktails, buffet, flowers

Big Game Day Taco Bar

Big Game Day Taco Bar with Old El Paso Stack ‘N Stuff Hard and Soft Tacos and Cottage Cheese Guacamole

Cream Cheese Quesadilla Recipe

Holiday Party Food Tips and Mexican themed menu with a Cream Cheese & Green Tabasco Quesadilla Recipe with Tabasco Green Jalapeño sauce

Captain America Party with M&M’s Tasting Bar

This weekend my hubby and I hosted a Marvel party with an M&M’s tasting bar for adults and kids. It was a blast getting together with other Marvel and M&M’s fans. Everyone got into the festive mood and dressed up for the hero themed party.

Disney Side Celebrations Ideas

Disney Side Celebrations Ideas with Disney Princess TuTu No Sew DIY for the girls, Mickey Mouse DIY Ears for the boys, #disneyside Bingo for the adults and older children. Mickey Mouse themed food and awesome gift bags.

Seductive Table for Two by Moll Anderson

In Seductive Table for Two, lifestyle and romance expert Moll Anderson talks about how important it is to spend time with your partner so that you can focus on them and nurture your relationship. The book gives you ways to keep the entertaining at home. The seductive table for two is a way to take … Read more

Girl’s Only Valentine’s Party

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s time to share your feeling with the people you love–your girl friends! They are there for you when you need them and listen to all your problems.  Whether they are single, married, or dating, they deserve to know that you love them! Why not show your … Read more