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I have been driving my car for quite some time. I got it in 2008, not long after my previous car bit the dust and have been driving it ever since. However, my car has started to show its age in recent years. And as Indiana Jones says, “It’s not the years, its the miles.”

I’ve been driving for 16 years, and over that time, I have only primarily driven two cars. Once I find something I like, I prefer to stick with it! So, in an effort to find something new and reliable to drive around town in, we partnered with JM Family Toyota to narrow down my options.

To me, Toyota is one of those brands that immediately brings reliability to mind. This was great as I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to move to after my current car. The first car we tested was the Toyota Rav4.

Driving the Rav4

The Rav4 is a compact sport utility vehicle. The size is what I’m more accustomed to driving as my current car is a station wagon, and the previous car was an SUV. Something about this type of vehicle tends to feel like home for me. And although if was higher than my current vehicle, I didn’t feel awkward driving it. In fact you could say “it drove like a car.”

I know that is a tired comparison but in this case, extremely accurate. I drove the Rav4 in a variety of settings, including long highway trips as well as my every day trips to work. The thing that I was consistently impressed with was how well it drove and handled in the day to day. 

Rav4 Features

The model that we drove for the week was the 2018. The 2018 Rav4 has a gas mileage split of 23MPG in the City, and 30 in the highway. AS far as trunk space, we found that it was the perfect amount for a family of 3. In fact the Rav4’s cargo space is among the most for an SUV of its size!

One of the things I really appreciated was the sound quality of the JBL speakers. Pairing my phone through the built-inbluetooth and listening to my “Best of  Hall and Oates” music on those speakers was a real treat. 

The Rav4 is also incredibly safe. I really liked having the backup camera and pedestrian warning systems, especially with us living in a neighborhood with plenty of kids running in and out of the the street! The safety systems are worth it for the extra peace of mind.

By the time our week had ended, our daughter was clamoring for us to keep the Rav4. She thought that we were going to be able to make the decision right then and there! This of course would become a recurring motif with each new car we test drove, especially the last one. But I’ll get to that later!

I have not yet made my decision, but I can say with certainty that the Rav4 will be in the running when I finally do.

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