Toyota Avalon Review

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I mentioned in a previous post about how we worked with Toyota to test drive three Toyota’s on our way to making a decision about which one to pick. The second car that we test drove was the Toyota Avalon, and let me tell you, I really liked it.

The Avalon is a full sized four-door sedan that drives like a dream. Historically I had not driven sedans. My first car was a SUV, and my second was a hatchback. So using a sedan primarily for a week was a bit of a change. However it was a change that I could really get used to. The visibility the car had, the sound system, and the center console were all top of the line. In fact, I felt like I could almost forget that I was in an Avalon, and believe I was in Toyota’s luxury line, the Lexus!

Of course our daughter had plenty to say about this car as well. Although she loved the Rav4 her allegiance had switched to the Avalon not long after sitting in the spacious back seat. Keep in mind she’s 5, and just about any new car that she sits in will be her new favorite. She wasn’t alone though! April and I both thoroughly enjoyed our time with the car.

The car looks so cool from the outside. I love the design of the new Avalon’s, with a good balance between curve and geometry that is very pleasing to the eye. A feature that I really appreciate are all the safety systems in place. Alarms and cameras let me know EVERYTHING that was happening around the car, and being in a neighborhood that has plenty of kids and dogs playing in the street makes this feature a must have.

And what can I say about the JBL speakers that I haven’t said in previous posts? {Read it here} Everything from the Foo Fighters to The Art of the Take Podcast sounded immaculate on them.

We were all sad to see the Avalon get picked up by the gents from Toyota, but they dropped off another great vehicle, the Toyota Highlander. But that is for another post!

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