10 Christmas Nail Art Designs

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The holidays are filled with decorating your table and your home!! Why not bring the decor your nails with these Christmas Nail Art! They are designed and created in collaboration with myself and Alyssa Sullivan from Alyssa Did My Nails (Insta – @alyssadidmynails and #alyssadidmynails). Some of them are designed in collaboration with my friend, Kristy (@peaceloveandjoy_essentials) and Alyssa!! We spend a lot of time creating and thinking of ideas for nail art and designs and Alyssa executes them!!

Christmas Nail Art Designs


Peppermint Nails

I have to give the credit to Kristy on this one. She knows what I like!! These little Peppermint Candies are her creation. I saw them on her Instagram and asked for them at my next visit. The pink peppermint nails are Nutcracker themed. My set are mixed with holly on a gold glitter background. I have not seen anything like these mini peppermint designed and I am so happy with how cute they came out!!

Holly Nail Art

This festive nail art is perfect for the holiday. I am in love holly Nail Art because they remind me of the holidays!


See these nails in action with the recipes that I create:

Red Velvet Whoopie Pies


Nordic Sweater Nails

The Nordic sweater aka ugly sweater nails are a neutral alternative to all the red and green nails. I love when you use neutral color in the background like gray and light pink.

Nordic Christmas Sweater Nails

Candy Cane Nails

The candy cane nail art is the way to go for the holidays.


Christmas Elf Nail Art

How cute are these elf nails? I am kinda obsessed with the cute legs!


Christmas Elf Nail ArtChristmas Movies Nails

Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer Nails

The Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer Nails are fantastic for Moms with kiddos that love Rudolf and some adults that still love it just like me. Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer Nails


Festive Holiday Nails

Not all Christmas nails have to be traditional red and green. Get festive with these fun Christmas Nails.

Dark Red Nail Art with Mauve and Gold for fall nails Dark Red Nail Designs for fall nails Designer Nails Dolce and Gabbana


Which Christmas nail art is your favorite? Any idea that you want me to try.



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