DIY Game Day T-Shirt Headband

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DIY Game Day T-Shirt Headband

My sister is a hardcore football fanatic going to tons of games this year and kicking butt year after year at Fantasy football. I asked her to come help me make a DIY Game Day T-Shirt Headband for her next game day. We made it out of an old FSU t-shirt with schedule from years ago.Game-Day-HeadbandTools & Supplies 


Stretch the team t-shirt over the cutting mat. Cut the logo that you would like to feature centering it with at least 2 inches above and below the logo used for folding purposes. Cute the shirt all the way around creating a circle of fabric. Fold the circle in half centering the logo. We played with a ton of different lengths but found that 22” X 5” worked best.


At each end of the piece of fabric, use a solo cup to trace a semicircle onto the ends.


Sew the edges together with ¼ inch seam allowance using a straight stitch. In the middle of the piece of fabric, skip over a little section. Also, remember to back stitch otherwise this will come apart. Trim the rounded edges for a clean top knot.


Turn the material right inside out. Also, hand stitch the little section that you left open.

IMG_2249-2 headband-diy

Tie a square knot with the rounded ends.


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