30+ Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Kids

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Since we are at home more than ever lately, I decide this year would the first time we did Elf on the Shelf. Here are 25 Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Kids.

Elf on the Shelf Mug rack

If you are not familiar with Elf on the Shelf, it is a tradition of keeping kids accountable with one of Santa’s Elves hanging out in the house to make sure kids are good.

Every night, the Elf returns to the North Pole to report back to Santa on your kids behavior.

Since we are home more than ever lately, I thought I would give Elf on the Shelf a try.

My daughter was so cute and kids love these elf ideas. These are snapshots of my life from this year. We started a little early so we could give you some funny elf on the shelf ideas.

Mug Play

We love mugs in our house so the Elf on the shelf loves to sit in the mugs or swing from the mug rack!

Elf on the Shelf Mugs

Sno Prize

Give your kids little gifts when they are extra good and show that the Elf is doing her job and reporting back to Santa.

This Sno Prize is a super fun way to give a little surprise to your kids leading up to Christmas. Why not give stocking stuffers throughout the month of December rather than waiting until December 25?

Get the Elf on the Shelf Snow Prize here on Amazon.

Elf on the Shelf Claus Couture

Grab Elf on the Shelf outfits and give them as gifts to your kids. That way one day you can have the Elf give the gift and sometime in the future the Elf can wear the outfit.

elf on the Shelf claus couture

Quarantine Cleaning

I feel like all I do is clean in my house lately. I thought if I put the elf with the cleaning supplies that I might encourage my daughter to help with the cleaning.

Hoarding Toilet Paper & Paper Towels

Are we still hoarding toilet paper? Well, the Elf on the Shelf is hoarding it on our behalf. Love a little quarantine humor.

Tooth Brush Delivery

Encourage your kids to brush your teeth with a fun Elf tooth brush delivery. I am loving these super cute Crayon tooth brushes for little kids and these for 5+ kids. They have super cute suction cups on the bottom to keep them standing upright!

If you are into electric tooth brushes, they have a super cute Crayola kids version.

elf on the Shelf tooth brush Gift

Wash Your Hands Reminder

Don’t forget to wash your hands! Get your elf to remind your kids how important it is to wash your hands.

Coloring Elf

I find coloring to be therapeutic for both me and my daughter. We love to just sit together and color. We focus on the coloring.

In fact, coloring has the ability to relax the fear center of your brain. It is a form of meditation and helps relax a restless mind. This generates mindfulness and quietness.

Reading Elf

We love reading in our house and this fun Happy Narwhalidays is the perfect Holiday book to gift your kids during the holidays.

This Narwhale set is super cute and comes with little Narwhale plushies!

Reminder to Take a Bath

Don’t forget the bath! Why not use your little Elf to remind the kiddos to take a bath. You can use toilet paper to wrap up the Elf in “towel”.

Wrapping Presents

I remember starting to wrap presents around 8 or 9 years old. It can’t hurt to encourage your kids to learn how to wrap with a little help from the Elf on the Shelf.

Snow Ball Fight

Even though we do not have snow, we can still have a paper snow ball fight. I also made a printable coloring sheet to go with this Elf on the Shelf Set up.

All you have to do is ball up a few pieces of paper and surround the elf with them on the counter with this cute printable next him or her.

Learn Sight Words

Download these Christmas and winter sight word printables to set out in the morning for your kids to color. We have free printable sight word coloring sheets for every holiday.

elf on the Shelf bookmark printable

Learn Math

We love using these math flash cards to learn our math facts. They sit on the kitchen table and we do it during meals sometimes.

Why not get the Elf in on the math learning? She likes to get in trouble, why not make a mess with the flash cards.

Photography Elf

Get some photography help from your mischievous Elf. Why not make it seem like your Elf is playing with the other toys in the house?

Board Game Elf

We love playing board games in the house. You can set up the games you have on hand with the Elf.

This is a super easy Elf set up because most kids have board games. This is our favorite Monopoly game – its all about pizza.

Baking Elf

We all love to bake in the house. Why not get the Elf involved in the fun with an easy DIY elf apron. If you are not into DIY, here is a Elf apron you can get from Etsy.

Cooking Elf

Get your Elf cooking with a cute DIY apron an a cook book. You can use full size pots and pan or get mini ones like these.

Movie Watcher – Popcorn

Get ready for a movie night, with a popcorn loving Elf. You can make a little popcorn mess on the counter waiting for your kids in the morning.


Grab a cereal bowl and your kids favorite cereal. Then, have the Elf lean on the cereal box like he poured it.

Lemonade Maker – Juicing


These Elfs get into trouble just like kids. Why not have her get caught playing with jewelry?

Hanging Out With Barbie

The Elf needs a bestie and Barbie is the perfect gal for the job. Grab the Barbie props like the Barbie car and go to town.

Candy Drop

Why not give the kiddos a treat courtesy of the Elf and Santa? You can wrap it up in red ribbon and call it a day.

Candy Canes

Hunting for candy at the direction of the Elf is a fun way to start the day. You can use them to decorate a tree or eat them as a treat.

Pajama Delivery

Lately, we are living in our pajamas. Why not have your elf deliver PJs for the holidays. You can wrap it up with a cute ribbon or just put them under the Christmas tree with Elf.

Polaroid Pics

Do you have a polaroid camera or a instant fuji film camera? This would a super cute Elf on the Shelf set up that your kids will appreciate every year.

FUN Coloring Sheet

We LOVE coloring here. This week I made a super cute Christmas coloring sheet that would be a super cute set up for your Elf on the Shelf.

Snow Poop

Toilet bowl full of mini marshmallows.

Starbucks Delivery

Amazon Shopper

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