#FailFix Dolls – GREAT Gift Ideas for 7 Year Olds 2020

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These #FailFix Dolls are a refreshing take on a the pristine dolls that my mom would keep in boxes when I was a kid.


Instead of persevering the beauty, Fail Fix gives you permission to makeover your dolls. My daughter LOVES them!

We got the the @2Dreams and @SlayItDJ Z#FailFix Dolls. They are the perfect gift for girls who love styling hair, makeup, and fashion!  It’s a disruptive new fashion doll program that allows girls to #TakeoverTheMakeover!

FailFix SlayItDJ

YouTube videos show famous influencers and content creators making over expensive dolls with nail polish remover and paint. My girl has been desperate to give one of her dolls a makeover, too — and, as a parent, it is difficult to say no to kids right now.

Failfix dolls review

She has been in a very creative and, well, kind of destructive mode lately. I remember being like that at her age too.

In fact, I decorated my doll house with scraps of deconstructed tablecloth when I was her age. I am trying to lean into her curiosity, and channel this creativity into a meaningful activity.

If you have a sassy little 7 year old, I know you know what I am talking about!

The cool thing about the #FailFix dolls is that they give your child a creative outlet. Your kiddo gets to transform her doll from head to toe.

In fact, with the @2Dreami #FailFix doll, your child even gets to paint her doll’s hair! My daughter loved this colorful activity!

#failfix dolls

Unlike other fashion dolls, #FailFix isn’t about seeking perfection. They help girls celebrate “fails” with humor and levity.

FailFix Dolls

The #FailFix dolls embrace the reality of being human — they teach us that making mistakes is a part of life. What’s more, the line of five dolls features diversity with different skin tones, body types, and unique styles.

I am not the only one that thinks these #FailFix dolls are sheer genius.  The #FailFix Dolls are as TOTY Toy Insider finalist for Toy of the Year in the Doll Category.

Moose Toys have several TOTY Finalists. See them all here. 

Moose Toys was also awarded the National Parent Product (NAPPA) Awards for #FailFix.

How to Style the #FailFix Doll?

The #FailFix Dolls come with shoes and accessories in their crazy hair. It is the kid’s job to HELP! @2Dreami needs a #STYLESAVIOR!

#failfix dolls

The transformation begins by pampering @2Dreami by applying the Magic Spa Mask. Remove it to reveal her intended makeup look.

Fix @2Dreami’s hairstyle by removing the shoes and accessories stuck in her hair. 

Brush one stand at a time from the bottom working your way up using downward brushing motions to tame the mane. (This is how I brush my daughter’s hair, so I am very familiar with this technique.)

Once the hair is brushed out and silky smooth, use the Hair Dye to add color to her long blond tresses. Let the dye dry and brush the color into the hair.

You can even make a magic mermaid look with the exclusive Mermaid Braid Tool! It helps your kid create an easy fishtail braid.

Fishtail braid

This is typically a difficult style to achieve, so it’s super cool that this has a nifty tool and simple broken down steps to make it doable for kids.

Finally, your child gets to style the doll with accessories like earrings, a necklace, and shoes.

Get the #FailFix Dolls here

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