How to Take Your Own Christmas Family Photos

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After many years of hiring a professional photographer, I found a way to take your own Christmas Family Photos

I had been hunting for a small camera that I could keep in my purse and take on trips. 

For years, I lugged around my giant professional Canon camera. My back hurts just thinking about the camera and all the lenses.

Now, they have point and shoot cameras that take photos and video just as well as my fancy pro camera.

I discovered the Sony RX100 VII with the Smile Shutter that takes a picture when it sees a smile. It’s amazing and has changed the way I take family pictures. 

The Smile Shutter knows when you or your family member is smiling facing the camera. It is a genius little functions that makes all the difference when taking your own pictures.

Without this Smile Function, you will need a camera that has the ability to use a remote. I have used them before and it work pretty well, but in some photos you have this awkwardness of pushing the remote button.

With the Smile Shutter, you and your family can be natural and let the camera snap away while you have fun!

I usually put the camera on my light weight tripod. I use in my living room and when I travel. It’s so light weight you can put it in your purse or backpack.

How to Take your own christmas pictures

What to Wear for Christmas Pictures?

Since most of us are staying home this Christmas, I feel like matching family pajamas are a great choice for holiday photos.

I set up my camera, tripod and lights focused on the couch. Clear any clutter from the room and moved the coffee table. We all sat together in our favorite Christmas Pajamas.

This year, I decided to go with blue Christmas pajamas from Moon and Back by Hanna Anderson.

Hanna Anderson are our favorite pajamas brand because they come preshrunk and are the most comfortable ones we have ever tried.

The Hanna Anderson fabric is Organic and made to be handed down. YAY! They last wash after wash.

Christmas Shirts For Family

Matching Dresses

You can also wear some matching dresses for your holiday photos. You can choose a holiday print that is easy to find like Buffalo Plaid or a Tartan print.

You can also choose to wear solids to make it easier for everyone to match. We have done burgundy wine color and red for our Christmas cards.

Pinks are also a great unique choice. I’m in love with this mauve matching dress set.

Here are some our favorite matching mommy and me outfits from Amazon.

Mommy and Me Easter Dresses

Baking as a Family

Get in the kitchen and make some Christmas cookies with cute matching aprons.

Set up the Camera to take some smiling facing the camera shots and some candid in action photos.

Matching Headbands

If you don’t want to match outfits, you can wear complimentary or matching headbands. This Christmas headband set it super cute for kids and adults.

Matching Bathing Suits

If you live or are visiting a place with warm weather, you can have some fun at the beach or by the pool with red bathing suits and warm matching hats! It’s super cute and makes for a great family card.

Christmas Cards

We just ordered our Christmas Cards and decided to go with a traditional fold card rather than the flat card I have sending for the past few years.
Minted has an amazing selection of all kinds of cards! You definitely need to check them out! 

Minted Christmas Cards

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