Friday Finds – Summer Rompers

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This weekend we are heading to Key West for some serious RNR! We need it! I don’t know if you have noticed, but we’ve been going non-stop on the blog for over a month. That means I have been putting a massive amount of overtime! So has my hubby because he’s been writing some things and has been picking up some mommy slack. I’m only one person! I think we’ve put out some amazing content!

During my packing planning, I started noticing how many awesome rompers are on the market right now. I love them because they take some matching though process out of my life and they allow you to sit or squat without fear of flashing anybody. There are several summer rompers in my suitcase at this moment, and if I had unlimited funds, all of these would be in there as well! Make these your summer staple and you will not regret it!

Happy Summer!!

April Golightly

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