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The new Inside Out movie is amazing! My daughter loved it as much as I did. It also has made it easier to teach kids about emotions. Since we were having so much fun reading about the emotions, we decided to share what we learned with our friends with some fun crafts and yummy goodies!

Watermelon Cocktail-9752

I started the food preparation by making cupcakes from scratch in the colors of each emotion. You can make your own or order cupcakes in blue for Sadness, Green for Disgust, Red for Anger, Purple for Fear, and Yellow for Joy. I went with mini cupcakes so the kids could have more than one or just one if the moms want to limit their sugar intake. I used this recipe as a base and just removed the raspberries from the frosting.

Watermelon Cocktail-9746 Watermelon Cocktail-9754 Inside out anger Sadness Inside Out Disgust Inside OUt Fear Toy

Disgust cupcakes Fear cupcakes Sadness Cupcakes Joy Cupcakes Anger Cupcakes

I displayed the each cupcake with the corresponding plush toy behind it. They were a great deal at Walmart!! Only $8.88 a piece!


I also had my husband make our chicken fingers and served crudités with light ranch dressing. The drinks were juice pouches and chocolate and regular milk. In the juices, I put two kinds of yogurt pouches. All the food was a big hit with the parents and kids.

Inside Out Party Plan Inside Out Party -9831 Inside Out Party -9833

During the party, I put together 2 activities for the kids.


Inside Out Crafts Inside Out Painting
Inside Out Crafts Inside Out Stickers

First, I started with story time. Where the kids would, in theory, sit and listen as we read all the Inside Out books. Some of the munchkins sat, but most of the stood and listened.
Inside Out Books Inside Out Story Time

Inside Out Story Inside Out

Inside Out Party -9819The main activity that is sensory and can be messy was painting rocks to represent each emotion. We talked about how the colors represented emotion. If your kids are a little older, you can write down scenarios and ask what emotion corresponds to the situation, and then have the child paint the rock the color of the emotion.

Inside Out crafts Inside Out Party -9863 Inside Out Party Inside Out Party -9853 Inside Out Party -9798

For example, spending time with family would be Joy and the kids would paint the rock yellow. Parents leaving for work would invoke Sadness, which would be Blue. The goal of the activity would be to teach the kids that each emotion is valid and has a place in their life. If the kids seem to understand this part, you can take it a step further by explaining what to do when they feel this emotion. For example, hitting is not appropriate when. You are feeling angry.

Watermelon Cocktail-9762

For the painting project, preparation is key. I have som pointers prepared based on my new experience! It wasn’t a disaster, but it could have been and here are some tips, so you are less likely to have a disaster.

– Washable Paint
– Kid Sized Paint Brushes
– Two plastic throw away table cloths. 1 for the table and the other for the floor.
– Paint holder so that you can give each child a little bit of each color
– Plates or paper towels to put the rocks on while the kids are painting

Inside Out Party Ideas

For the kids, I gave them Inside Out stickers and bandaids. If you don’t want to give the rocks time to dry, you can give them to kids in sandwich bags.

Now that I have shared my Inside Out ideas with you, do you have emotion ideas you want to share with me?


Inside-OUt-Disney-Infinity- Inside-Out-Inspired-Outfits Inside-Out-Premiere Inside-Out-Sadness-Cupcakes

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  1. That is so cute! Inside Out is the perfect them for a kids party. The colors, the characters. It’s all perfect.

  2. My Grandson has been talking about this movie. I know he would love an Inside Out Themed Party.

  3. This movie looks so cute. We will be seeing it when it gets to our cheap theater! The party ideas are so cute too.

  4. I still haven’t seen this movie, and I am not sure what the hold up is!!! It is so cute, and what great ideas to go along with it!

  5. What a cool party idea! Love the different colored cupcakes to suit the different emotions, what a great idea.

  6. This looks super fun. I love the mini cupcakes. They are the perfect size if your watching your calories.

    I want to try painting rocks with my kids. I ju st have to find a good place to find some.

  7. Wow! how fun. and so much color. This is great. My kids would love all of this – They can’t wait to see Inside Out!

  8. What a colorful party! I bet you all had fun. I would love to see the movie Inside Out. I think we would all enjoy it.

  9. What a gorgeous party! I love the painting activity! My son, Grady is all about painting and he would love to paint rocks, because next to painting, his favorite thing in the world is a rock. HAHA! #client

  10. This party looks so cool. The little ones look like they are having fun. The activities are great, I love the rock painting.


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