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This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Goody. All opinions are my own and I am very happy to share! #CleanRadiance
Woot woot!! Who has 2 thumbs and loves to talk about hair!! This girl!!! (Insert photo or better yet, giff of me making the thumb motion to myself) Seriously, I could talk about hair all the time and I find myself doing it every time someone comments on my hair. I just love it!
I started using Goody Clean Radiance Hair Brush a few weeks ago and have been loving it! It feels amazing on my head like a little massage! I have been using it primary on my dry hair on day 2 – 3 – 4 styling days. On day 1 style, I use a wet brush to get the tangles out and wait for my hair to dry, then style as usual – straighten or curl normally. The brush is recommended for dry hair and is not for use with blow dryer as copper bristles may get hot.

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Clean Radiance Hair Brush Features:
• Kick hair build up to the curb! The copper bristles reduce natural buildup that is produced over time. I can definitely feel how it get rid of it.
• Less buildup in hair will leave hair looking healthier and more radiant. Yes!! I want shiny long locks!! Copper bristles for healthier shine – results based on consumer usage and perception study.
• Flexible cushion pad for added comfort when brushing. Seriously! It feels like a massage!

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You can buy this brush at Walmart just like I did!

Have you seen all the fun colors like Titanium and Chrome dye? Check out when I tried out Grey Hair here.


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Very Full Pony Tutorial

Since my hair has just been feeling fabulous lately, I decided to try a new hair tutorial with you! It is a very full pony!


I start with an air dried hair and straighten it until about 2 inches from the end when I make a curling motion to create a small curl at the bottom. This is ideal a pony tail look.

I section my hair into 3 pony tails. Two at the crown with the top one only the front hairs that allows you to control the look of the front of the hair. The second layer of the pony was actually secured before the top/front pony. Leave hair at the bottom for 3rd pony. I used small goody bands that I normally use to do my daughters hair. This worked because the pony tails are petty light.



This very full pony puts less pressure on you head so you will not get a headache! The weight is disbursed between different points on your head.

What do you think of my very full pony look?

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