How to Draw Zootopia Flash & Judy Hopps

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The entire family went to see Zootopia last weekend and loved it so much! The new film is not only beautiful, but it has a great story that I can really get behind! Judy Hops in my hero and I hope that my daughter gets her gumption! In

ZOOTOPIA – FLASH, the fastest sloth working at the DMV—the Department of Mammal Vehicles. ©2015 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

ZOOTOPIA currently has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 100% so I can’t wait for you to see it! It’s a perfect film for the whole family!


image009 (1)In celebration of ZOOTOPIA opening, here are 2 really cool videos showing you how to draw Zootopia Flash and Judge Hopps from the new movie currently in theaters!

How to Draw Judy Hopps


image002 (5)YouTube Link:

How to Draw Flash


image008 (1)YouTube Link:


Color your favorite Zootopia Characters with these

Zootopia Coloring Sheets


I am kinda obsessed with all the Zootopia Toys! My favorites so far are the Recording Carrot and the Zootopia iPhone Case.

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ZOOTOPIA opens in theatres everywhere on March 4th!

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