How to Feel Confident after Giving Birth

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How to Feel Confident after Giving Birth is a sponsored post written on behalf of Poise. My story is my own and I am happy to share. #PoiseLinerLove

Having my daughter is the most amazing thing that I have ever done! I always planned to have children, and when I said excitedly said yes to my husband’s marriage proposal, I knew that I would get to have what I always wanted – my very own an amazing family! It brings me to tears to even think about it.

April Golightly Family Day -0418-2Thinking about my body during and after child birth also brings me tears, but for different reasons. I think that I was warned about a ton of the things that might happen to my body during and after pregnancy, but there were things people left out. I can only assume because of embarrassment. I knew that might grow and that I would most likely get stretch marks. Both happened to me! Ack! I have a closet full of shoes that don’t and stretch marks that make me think twice about wearing anything, but a skirt bathing suit.

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The main thing that no one talks about is the inability to hold your pee in when you sneeze or cough or laugh hard. Being sick after having kids is made much worse by the fact that every time you sneeze or a cough, you pee a little! Grab some Poise Liners so that you can avoid embarrassing moments and keep from ruining your clothes. They help you more than anything else to feel confident after giving birth!  You can pick yours up at Walmart just like I did.

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How-to-Stay-Confident-After-Giving-BirthNow that I have shared how I stay confident, how do you stay confident after giving birth or in life in general?

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