How to Keep Your Hair Healthy During Winter

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How to Keep Your Hair Healthy During Winter – Samples provided by Aveda. All opinions 100% my own.

How has winter been treating you? Given the dry air, plummeting temperatures and unexpected wind gusts, it’s important to keep your hair armed for the elements at all times. Aveda Global Artistic Director for Hair Styling, Allen Ruiz has some quick and easy tips to keep your tresses looking their best, especially in this winter wonderland.


  1. Buy a humidifier. As we get deeper and deeper into winter your hair, like your skin, can become dry and brittle, especially when the heat is on at full blast. It’s important to always think about adding moisture back into the hair and this is a simple and easy first step.
  2. Wash on Cold and Don’t Over Dry. After you condition (or deep condition) your hair in the shower, turn the faucet to cold and finish with a cold water rinse. This will quickly seal the cuticle and help your strands retain their moisture.  And, instead of blasting your hair with high heat, spend an extra ten minutes and dry your hair on the low-medium setting. Together these steps will prolong your hair’s suppleness and shine. I have been using this awesome Conair hair dryer that does this for me so I don’t forget to take it easy on hair.
  3. Condition. Condition. Condition. Especially in the winter, it’s important to condition – that means daily conditioning, weekly deep conditioning and let’s not forget a daily application of a light weight leave-in conditioners. My favorites are Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair or Color Conserve Daily Color Protect. Just a coin-sized amount will protect your hair from all sorts of winter woes ranging from excessive heat styling to an unexpected white wintery mix. As someone with both issues, I use both of these products after every wash.Protect Color Treated Hair
  4. Your Washcloth Is Your New Best Friend. Before leaving the house, spray Brilliant Spray On Shine onto a dry wash cloth and gently run over your hair in sections from roots to ends. Voila! The Vitamin E in Aveda’s Brilliant Spray On Shine is a powerful anti-oxidant which helps protect hair against environmental aggressors. This will keep your hair static free and looking fresh throughout the day.

Have you seen my attempt at grey hair? Check out when I tried out my Grey Hair here. Let me know what you think!


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109 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Hair Healthy During Winter”

  1. I protect my hair my using deep conditioners, using oil treatments and keeping my hair trimmed. Right now, because my hair is very long I could really use this to bring my dry winter hair back to life! Thank you for the chance.

  2. I don’t wash my hair as often, use lots of conditioner and also always have a leave in conditioner or some type of hydrating oils in my hair after shower.

  3. My hair stylist sister in law told me I was washing too often, so I try to limit it to twice a week. She also told me I was brushing wrong, and to start at the top of my head all the way down to help bring oil to the ends. I love damage remedy and the color condition black malva!

  4. I use a deep conditioner & sometimes a leave in treatment. I haven’t really used my straightener this winter, trying not to damage my hair further.

  5. Use a humidifier, and I do this already. Don’t use too warm of water on your hair, and I do this already. Conditioner, conditioner, conditioner, which is already part of my routine. I need the Brilliant Spray on shine.

  6. With the winter season here in CO. I definitely could use a little assistance from Aveda. I love your products and have been using them for many years.

  7. I have to admit that I’ve never really thought about protecting my hair more in the winter. I continue to condition it, of course. But I also use my blow dryer more…I guess I should think about using these products!

  8. The winter is playing havoc with my hair and I am trying to blow dry it less, and give it one shampoo instead of two.

  9. I only use a blow dryer if I’m going out in freezing temps, but even then I do not completely dry it. I also put a bit of conditioner in my hair before drying it.

  10. Hello!I have really dry color treated hair. In your forties your decide it is time to spend more money on hair products like Aveda! I used to buy Suave. Now I am looking at organic products that don’t dry out my hair so much. I wash it every other day and use leave in hair creams to help with frizz. I love the smell of the Aveda Shampure shampoo salons use on my hair at hair cuts. Flower power! The hand and foot lotions are superb too. Thank you for letting me enter your lovely giveaway!

  11. I always air dry my hair & use frizz cream to help with frizziness & static electricity..thanks so much.

  12. I use a weekly condition treatment from Matrix, sometimes I leave it on overnight that really helps. I also tuck my hair into a hat if it is really windy and cold.

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