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This review (Pampers Daylight Savings Time) and giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Pampers. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.

The start of Daylight Saving Time is quickly approaching on March 8th and, for many moms, that leads to nervousness and anxiety about their baby’s sleep patterns. The time transition of “springing forward” is so top-of-mind for parents that a recent survey conducted by Pampers found that 77% are concerned with Daylight Saving Time affecting their child’s sleep pattern. More than half of parents surveyed dread the anticipated disruption to their child’s sleep schedule more than tax season!

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Another survey conducted by Pampers found that nearly one-quarter of mothers (24%) felt that a dry diaper was the number one thing that enabled their baby to sleep through the night. Through Pampers’ extensive research on sleep, they’ve learned that babies are more vulnerable to waking up when they’re wet. And a dry night means baby is more likely to be more rested, less fussy and more content the next day. That’s why across their entire line, Pampers diapers offer up to 12 hours of overnight protection and are up to three times drier than ordinary diapers to help babies get the uninterrupted sleep they need for a great morning

Pampers Twitter Party

Please join @Pampers on March 3rd from 9-10pmEST as they host a Twitter Party with renowned sleep expert, “The Sleep Lady,” Kim West! Kim will be sharing her tips for helping little ones through the Daylight Saving Time sleep transition and will also be answering your questions regarding baby sleep!

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Pampers Giveaway

One April Golightly reader will win the Pampers Giveaway Basket:
Dr. Kim West’s Book
A month supply of Pampers Baby Dry Diapers Size 6, Jumbo Pack (each person receives 4)
A month supply of Pampers Sensitive Wipes (each person receives 2)
Cloud B Twilight Turtle

Pampers Daylight Savings

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119 thoughts on “Pampers Daylight Savings Time + Giveaway”

  1. Yes, it’s always a challenge, we have her go to bed 15 minutes earlier early that week, then 30 minutes early and then an hour early at the time change so the transition isn’t as bad.

  2. Time change is always an issue for my kiddos…and myself! LOL It takes us a few days to adjust. But we certainly all like “springing back” better than “falling forward”. 🙂

  3. It is harder when the time falls back and it is still sunny at bed time. We found black out shades and curtains help a lot to keep the routine.

  4. Every six months, time change is problematic. With no reason to send children off to work the fields anymore, time should simply remain the same. Only thing AZ seems to have gotten right.

  5. Yes, both kids struggle with the time change so much that one month before each change we prepare the kids with either going to be later, waking up earlier, etc – depending on which way the time is going.

  6. Yes, the last time it changed my youngest would go to sleep way to early and wake up wayyyy too early. It took awhile to get adjusted.

  7. Luckily my daughter is only 3 weeks old currently, so were not on a strict sleeping pattern yet and I doubt the time change will even phase her. HOWEVER, when the morning comes that much sooner and I have to wake up earlier to get my 6 year old ready for school, I bet I’ll be feeling that time change REEEEAL quick! 😉

  8. Yes! I hate the time change. It screws up everyones schedule and they do not want to get up in the morning for school. Which leads to grumpy kids all day at school

  9. I am probably going to eat my words come next week but we have not had any issues with time change…hoping it stays that way now that we are springing forward !

  10. I love this contest offering and would love to bless a girlfriend who just recently had twins. Lord knows she will be going through Pampers diapers in a big way!

  11. Yes, it takes about a week for my kids adjust with school and we try to keep the bed times adjusted accorcdingly

  12. Not many issues yet because my little is still so young. This year I will prepare beforehand that way we are all ready and prepared. I will set the clocks back a night before that way there will be no surprises!

  13. I try to start time change early by putting the kids to bed a few minuets ealier each day leading up to time change so their bodies are ready for it 🙂

  14. doesn’t really effect anymore here. (: maybe when we spring up since we lose a hour we sometimes try to go to bed a little earlier.

  15. Usually my son will end up waking up realllyyy early for a few days afterward.. but he gradually gets back on the routine.

  16. Oh my, yes, every yr it gets easier but now I have to prepare for when baby arrives and their sleep schedule gets a little change. Same time no matter what for bed though.

  17. Yes! They don’t like sleeping when it’s light out or getting up in the dark. Thanks for the chance to win.

  18. No I have not, I deal with them every night.
    He gets up around 2 am just about every night and has a mini crib party.

  19. We start on time change a week early and adjust the bedtime a few minutes each day. Since the kids can’t tell time yet, there is no problem. Heaven help us when they can read a clock.

  20. My oldest 4 was thrown off at first but they are doing better now!! It didn’t really bother my 4 youngest!! Thank you!!

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