How to Organize your Life in One Week

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A few weeks ago, I was getting ready to pick up my daughter to bring her to her Ballet class when I could not find her backpack with her dance shoes. It was such a stressful experience that I nearly went into a panic attack when I picked her up and she started crying. She was upset that we would have to borrow shoes instead of using our own shoes. I know it might sound silly or like a ‘first world problem’, but the thought of her throwing a fit at the ballet school in front of all the moms filled me with dread. A few days later I lost my keys and easily found them with my Tile app. I have been using Tile for about 3 years now and have saved so much time looking for my keys since then. It has literally taken some stress out of my life. That is when it came to me that I will add a Tile to the inside of my daughter’s ballet backpack.


Tile Your Backpack

How to Organize your Life in One Week

Here is how to organize your life in one week with the help of The Tile App. Start by ordering a Tile pack here. Once the Tiles arrive, add them to all your valuables. Is there anything in your life that would fill you with dread if you lost it? I have a Tile on my keys, my spare keys, my wallet and my most used suitcase. My husband has the same for his keys and wallet. Now, I am starting to add my Tile to items that my daughter loves her Ballet backpack and her Ariel doll. I used a tile sticker to stick the Tile Mate onto the tag inside my daughter’s backpack.

Tile Your Kids Backpack and Lunch Box

The next time the Ballet backpack was missing, I just pulled out my phone and immediately found it with the little upbeat noise that the Tile makes. If you are out of earshot, you can just follow the phone’s directions on where to go. You will find your valuables in no time. No panic or stress necessary. Tile is cheaper than a massage and much more satisfying because it keeps coming to the rescue everytime you need to find your stuff. You never want to lose things that matter most like this lost Panda.

Here are a few items you can Tile to help organize your life in one week:

  1. Keys
  2. Wallet
  3. Purse
  4. Phone
  5. Favorite Toy (like Ernie)
  6. Car
  7. Bike
  8. ID Badge
  9. Computer Bag
  10. Camera BagTile Your Camera
  11. Luggage
  12. Passport
  13. Remotes
  14. Tablet
  15. Laptop
  16. Camera
  17. Headphones
  18. Spare Key
  19. Coat
  20. Umbrella


Uses for Tile

Tile is the world’s best-selling Bluetooth tracker, isn’t just for keys and wallets.  Tile easily attaches to anything that you don’t want to lose. You can use Tile to help you organize your life in one week. That is why it is on the top of my electronics gifts guides for her.

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