How to Organize under Kitchen Sink

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This easy guide will walk you through every step so you can learn how to organize under the kitchen sink. For some reason, this space is so easy to let become overrun with products. Now you can create a solution for everything you need to store.

We have been living in our house for a little over a year now, but most of that time has been spent focusing on my little 1-year-old daughter and bring my business (April Golightly) to the next level. Now, that she sleeps through the night, I am able to manage my time more effectively and focusing on organization projects in the house. I happy to say that I was able to get to organize under the kitchen sink. I’d love to show you how I did it, so you can be inspired to get your cabinet organized too.

Organize Under the Kitchen Sink

How to Organize under Kitchen Sink

One of the best things I ever did in my kitchen was to organize under my kitchen sink. It was such a mess before. Now I can find exactly what I need without having to take everything out first. This post will take you step-by-step through how to organize under the kitchen sink.

Measure The Cabinet First

I started with the measurements of the cabinet under the sink to determine which containers would fit.

Organize Underneath the kitchen sink-9673

Then, I made decisions on my product purchases so that all of them would easily fit under the sink. Instead of getting a bottle of dish detergent, I decided to go with dishwasher cleanser capsules. They fit easily into a small container that can be stacked and fit anywhere under the sink.

Use Alphabet Stickers As Labels

I bought 1 set of cute bubble letters and had another set that complemented the blue stripe set. If you are using the words I used to organize, you will definitely need 2 packs of letters. I like keeping letter stickers and letter around in general so that I can help my daughter to read and learn letters. Check out this post on How to Make Fabric Letters & Teach a Child to Read. We have them on our fridge to help teach her,

More Label Ideas

The most important thing is to label your bins. Even when you choose the clear bins like I did, labeling them helps you find what you need faster.

Here are more ideas for how to label tubs or bins:

  • Buy labels online – There are lots of pre-printed labels. You can even choose some from Etsy.
  • Use chalkboard labels – There are lots of reusable labels online. These are a great idea when you think you might change your mind and redo your storage tubs for other things.
  • Create with Cricut – If you are extra crafty, you can print your own labels.
  • Index Cards – A really budget-friendly option is to write the label on the index card and tape it to the box.
  • Label maker – Buy a label maker. This is a useful idea if your handwriting is difficult to read.


Organize Underneath the kitchen sink-9733Organize Underneath the kitchen sink-9747

These are the labels I created and what they mean:

  • Clean – large cleaning supplies
  • Zip – freezer bags
  • Dish – dishwasher cleanser capsules
  • Outdoor – black garbage bags
  • Old – sponges I have used before
  • New Unused sponges
  • Hand – Refill hand soup
  • Bag – white garbage bags

Organize Underneath the kitchen sink-9738

Have fun with your labels! They don’t have to be perfect, they just have to describe what is inside the tub. I liked using a variety of sizes of stickers. It gives it a whimsical vibe.

Organize Dish Washer Detergent #shop-9734

Use Child Proof Containers

Putting everything in child-proof containers and childproof cabinet locking the sink cabinet protects my daughter double time from these dangerous products.

We like to have 2 lines of defense! While you are getting ready for the family to visit for the holidays, it is nice to have the cabinets organized. Here are 5 Genius Ways to Get your Kitchen Ready for the Holiday Season.

Pick the Best-Sized Containers

Make sure you buy the containers that aren’t too big or too small to handle what you need to store. This is where measuring is important. If you are going to store dishwasher packs, make sure the tub will hold the entire container.

There you have it! Create your own system and soon you’ll have that space under your kitchen sink completely organized!

Organize Dish Washer Detergent #shop-9756

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Have you been able to use this post to help Organize under Kitchen Sink? Let me know in the comments below.

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33 thoughts on “How to Organize under Kitchen Sink”

  1. Oh wow that looks like a great way to get my under the sink cleaned up. I store all my cleaners and such there, so I am totally gonna have to try buying totes and doing this!

  2. Awesome organization scheme. We keep our home so clean and neat, but when the cupboards are opened, containers and other items come rushing out as if they can’t breath.

  3. Wow… I love, love, love it… looks amazing. I did something like this for my medicine cabinet and totally need to conqure my kitchen sink next

  4. Love what you’ve done. Mine looks like the “before” photo. lol I hurry up and try to close the cabinet before anything falls out.

  5. Under my kitchen sink looks almost exactly like your 1st photo LOL I need some help in this area. Out of sight is out of mind, until things fall and hit my feet 😉

  6. That reminds me that we need to get some new boxes. We started a similar system for the bathroom cabinet but the front area is a mess. Love the labels as it’s always a pain pulling out every box to find out what’s in each.

  7. I thought you had a picture of under my sink when I looked at the before lol. I love the after and the lettering is an adorable and functional idea. Thanks for the tips and steps.

  8. Under my sink used to be very cluttered but I threw out a lot so now it’s not so bad. It still DOES need some organizing though. I like your idea of the containers, I need to do that.


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