Ultimate Kitchen Tool and Equipment Buying Guide

This is the ultimate kitchen tool and equipment buying guide to help you wade through all the products available out there. If you are like me, I want to know what products will work before purchasing them. These items have been tested in my kitchen and been subject to almost daily abuse since I cook so much. Let me know in the comments below if there anything you want me to test out to see if it deserves to be on my ultimate kitchen tool and equipment list.

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Kitchen Tool and Equipment Guide

Kitchen Tool and Equipment

Measuring Cups and Spoons

In order to follow recipes and recreate the magic, we create here on April Golightly you need both measuring cups and spoons. I like having individual measuring cups, measuring spoons and a glass measuring cup. This allows me the portion out the ingredients before cooking without having to clean the spoons in between. I like to have simplistic and easy to read measuring cups so that I can also see the measurements and also show my daughter when she helps in the kitchen.

Color Coded Cutting BoardsCutting Boards

I like to have both wooden and plastic cutting boards. My big wooden cutting board sits on the counter so that I can easily slice items that I am cutting right out of the fridge like an apple for my daughter. I don’t like to cut raw meat on it so I have inexpensive color-coded cutting boards. These are great because they come with a nice stand that you can use to keep them organized on your counter or in the cupboard.

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Kitchen Tools and Equipment Kitchen Shears

One of my favorite and most used items in the kitchen are kitchen sheers. It is something that is often overlooked when buying kitchen tools and equipment. The obvious use is opening packaging. Well, beyond that you can use them to cut up lettuce, herbs, and meat. I like to use it to cut the fat off chicken breasts and to cut up meat into bite-sized pieces to add to a salad.

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All Clad Stock PotStock Pot

I absolutely love my stock pot. It was on my registry list and so happy that my mother in law got it for us. It is perfect for making whole chickens or chicken or vegetable broth. This is definitely an essential kicthen tool for any cook that likes making their own broths.

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Instant Pot 6 quart Instant Pot

The instant pot is by far my favorite kitchen tool and equipment purchase. You can do so much with an instant pot. I have been trying out all kinds of recipes like this Instant Pot Carrot Soup and Instant Pot Beef Roast Recipe.

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Microwave Egg BoilerMicrowave Egg Boiler

I am not sure how I ever lived without this egg boiler. It is the best thing that ever happened to my mornings. I can easily make 4 hard boiled eggs in this egg boiler. All you do it add water for boiling and the eggs. It is super simple and you don’t have to wait for the water to boil on the stove only to have undercooked eggs.

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Herb Scissors

Herb Scissors

These herb scissors have taken a lot of time off my food prep when using fresh herbs. If you have ever tried to cut fresh herbs, you know that it is a hateful experience that makes you want to pull out your hair. You can cut herbs in 1/4 of the time with this handy little herb scissors.

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white toasterToaster

I love using this awesome toaster to heat up homemade frozen waffles. I like to make big batches of waffles when I break out the waffle maker. I can’t in good conscience add a waffle maker to this list, but I am not sure I could live without my 2 waffle makers! I know it’s ridiculous, but one is round (like the ones at hotels) and one makes Mickey waffles and I need them both!

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Toasting makes me happy as does bread! I wish it was calorie free! I try not to keep bread in the house because I will literally eat bread with butter or oil instead of all the other food.


One of my favorite ways to keep the floors of my kitchen clean is with my BISSELL PowerForce Helix Vacuum.

As I find more Kitchen Tool and Equipment that I fall in love with, I will add them here and show you how I use them in my recipes.


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