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I find that my intimates bra and underwear drawer needs to be refreshed at least once per year. If you are like me, you have a drawer full of bras and underwear, but you only end up wearing a few of your favorites. With that in mind, you are probably wearing your bras almost 100 days per year. I guarantee that there is no piece of clothing in your wardrobe that gets worn this much. After a year of wear, your bra most likely needs to be replaced. Today we are going to discuss how to know if your bra is done for and some of my new favorite bras and undies.

Bra Lifespan Guide

  • The bra is clasped on the tightest, and it is still riding up
  • Your body has changed in some way – bigger or smaller, either way
  • The wire is poking out or broken
  • Bra hooks are broken
  • When your bust is drooping, and your bra no longer does its job
  • The stretch is no longer stretchy

Take the Bra Fit Guide & Quiz

There are so many bra options to choose from and finding the perfect bra for you can be a little tricky. You want the perfect amount of support. You start the bra fitting quiz by stating the band size and your cup size. I got measured recently, and I am a 36 DD. The bra fits quiz show the variety of bras that Kohl’s has – 30 to 50 band size & AA to N. Most places don’t carry, 36 DD or any of these varieties. I have always fallen into the off the rack sizing, and anytime that I buy a bra that is the wrong size, I regret it! When I was thinner, I was the off the rack size – 32 D. Damn, I was tiny!

How Do Your Straps Fit?

Next, the bra fit quiz asks how your bra straps fit and gives your recommendations based on whether the straps fall down, sit right, or dig into you. My new bras always fit nice, but old ones have the straps falling down. The bra fitting quiz explains that it usually due to an overstretched bra or that it is too big.

Then, we start getting into the preference for bra straps. What are you looking for classic, convertible, strapless, or racerback? Now that I am writing this in a sentence, it makes me think that bra manufactures and marketer that came up with the names for bras probably were big car fans. Any thoughts?

You can also choose no preference like I did. I wanted to see what options Kohl’s had for me.

How Does Your Bra Band Fit?

The Bra Fit Guide and Quiz also asks you how your band fits. My new bras fit correctly, but as they get older, they start getting looser. The bra fitting guide quiz says that if the band rides up when it is new, it might be too big. As I lose weight, the bra straps ride up almost immediately.

Then, the bra fit guide asks which hook you use on your bra and gave a really helpful tip. The hook you use will fluctuate over time depending on use and changing body. If you’ve been using the tightest hooks over a long period, it’s time to upgrade your bra. The ideal hook to use is the middle hook, which gives you room to adjust. I like to start with the loosest or middle hook so that the bra can stretch and I can get the most wear out of it. If my bra feels nice when I have it on the loosest hook, then I am pretty happy!

Bra Preferences – Underwire? No Underwire?

You choose on the Bra Fit Quiz quiz is whether you prefer underwire or not and what type of coverage you like. I like underwire most times, but am willing to wear no underwire when I am home or for an errand day. The coverage question depends for me as I like to have options based on the top I am wearing. Most of the time, I like full coverage because I am so busty.

Lastly, they ask if and how you like your padding along with how you fill out the cups. I found all these questions on the bra fit guide to be thorough and important to find the right bra for you. In the end, they tell your actual size based on how you answered the questions. I ended up with 26 minimizer bra choices and 339 option in my size in general! It is kinda surprising how many options I have at the end of the quiz.

Olga Minimizer Bra

The Olga Bra is called the Butterfly Effect Full-Figure Minimizer Bra is extremely comfortable and designed to minimize. The support is fantastic and did I mention the comfort? I bought it three colors – white, toasted almond, and black! Did I say that Kohl’s has a $10 off $40 Intimates (with promo code INTIMATES10) from 3/2 – 3/18. Also, don’t miss the Kohl’s Semi-Annual Intimates Event 3/2 – 3/26 and $19.99 Bonus Buy Bras 3/2 – 3/11!

Vanity Fair Hi Cut Briefs

During my intimates shopping at Kohl’s, I found these fantastic Vanity Fair Hi Cut Briefs made of the fabric you keep hearing all about – soft, stretchy modal jersey fabric. The lace waistband & trim make these hi cut briefs lay flat to help conceal panty lines. Since they have a tag-free design, you feel like you aren’t wearing anything!




Bali Lace Bra

This fantastic Bali lace bra is like a bralette, but with actual support and functionality. Unlike most of the fun bralettes that I have tried on, this bra has adjustable straps, convertible strap to become a racer back bra. \

The Kohl’s Intimates section in store and online has a fantastic selection. I am shopping for my bras and underwear going forwardThe Ultimate Bra Fitting Guide from Kohls with bali bras and olga bra and Vanity Fair Underwear


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