Grilled Cheese Gallery Menu Review

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The Grilled Cheese Gallery is an amazingly tasty restaurant located in emerging neighborhood, Northwood Village. Locals and people visiting South Florida have to try it! The food is out of this world, and my daughter and I loved the Unicorn decor! 

The Grilled Cheese Gallery


Grilled Cheese Gallery Menu

Grilled Cheese Gallery Menu


The Mac Daddy Grilled Cheese GalleryThe Mac Daddy

The Grilled Cheese Gallery Mac Daddy is aptly named with yummy grilled cheese staples like Mac & Cheese with Cheddar on Hearty White Bread.






The Country Girl

The Grilled Cheese Gallery Country Girl is a sandwich special that is always the featured special. It is a grilled cheese on your choice of bread with Mac & Cheese spiced with nutmeg and cayenne, Crispy Chicken, Gruyere Cheese, and Chipotle Aioli.

The Grilled Cheese Gallery menu offers a ton of different bread choices. You can have your grilled cheesiness on your choice of thick-cut white bread, sourdough, ciabatta, wheat, or challah. This awesomeness comes with a small cup of Tomato Basil soup for dipping.

The Playboy

The name of these sandwiches makes me smile. I imagine the sandwiches were named for regulars nicknames. 😉 The Playboy is filled with Mac & Cheese, Cheddar, Gruyere, Ribeye with Pumpernickel bread. Mmm, all the tasty cheese! You can sub out cheeses if you have a preference. I like to go with menu items because they usually have perfected them. The main cheese used at the Grilled Cheese Factory are cheddar, gruyere swiss, brie, and gouda…oh my!!!!

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The Grilled Cheese Gallery Poutine

The Grilled Cheese Gallery Menu also has a section for Poutine.

What is Poutine?

Poutine is traditionally a plate of fries topped with brown gravy and cheese curds. The dish originated in Quebec but is catching on as a popular dish in the United States.

The Scarlet Poutine

This amazingly spicy poutine recipe is a dream come true. I love my poutine fries with cheese and hot sauce. The Scarlet Poutine is topped with grilled chicken, sriracha aioli, jalapenos, and kimchi sauce along with the traditional poutine recipe gravy and cheese curds. I will be ordering this again and maybe even making it at home.

Gluten Free Options & Vegan Options

The Grilled Cheese Gallery in Northwood Village has Gluten-Free Bread and Vegan Cheese available upon request. The girl sitting next to my family was so excited about these options that she was posting on social media about it.

Unicorn Decor

The unicorn decor and fun outdoor seating making the ambiance fun and approachable. I had to share these cute pics of the unicorn decor! The owners are social media savy so feel free to check out their hashtag on the front door of the The Cheese Cake Gallery – #GCG. When you visit, pick up a sandwich and take a rockin food pic and post with #GCG like we did on Instagram @golightlyfood.


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The Grilled Cheese Gallery
430 Northwood Road
West Palm Beach.
Call 561-628-2466

What menu item are you most excited to try on your next visit to Northwood Village?

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