How to Wear the Pearl Trend

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This season a trend has emerged that hits home for me! The pearl trend or lack thereof in the early 2000s help me get the nickname, April Golightly.

During my time at college,  I was going through my pearls period. It’s like a blue period in painting, but instead, this is in fashion. I thought it was so chic to wear a strand or strands of pearls with everything in the closet. One of my classmates poked fun and flirted a little by calling me Little Miss Golightly. That turned into Miss April Golightly once he learned my name. The name eventually became my screen name on aim (remember AOL instant messenger?!). The name evolved into my law school alter ego and a way for me to hide my identity from my boss when I was blogging and practicing law at the same time. Now, I personify that alter ego and kicked that stuffy lawyer to the curb!

When I saw the pearl trend walking the runway, I was elated about sharing my Miss Golightly pearl origin story with you. Here is how I love wearing the pearl trend!

Perfect White Tee and Jeans

This classic look of the perfect white tee and jeans looks perfect with a pile of pearls and camel accessories.

Jeans | TeeBag | Necklace | Sunglasses | Bracelet 

Black Lace

Black lace is very sexy and sophisticated with pearls. It’s very Coco Chanel!

pearl-trend-2-of-10 pearl-trend-3-of-10

pearl-trend-6-of-10 pearl-trend-7-of-10 pearl-trend-8-of-10 pearl-trend-9-of-10 pearl-trend-10-of-10

Top (similar) | Blazer | Pants (similar) | Pearls c/o Carolee | Shoes 

Giant Pearl Cocktail Ring

When wearing statement rings, keep you nails manicures and simple.

Pearl Statment Ring | X Ring | Gold Diamond Band

Pearl Statement Cuff

Pearl Cuff bracelets are an excellent choice if you want to wear a statement piece. To show yours off the cuff, keep your arms bare or wear a cuff over a slim-fitting one color long sleeve top. You’ll want to stick to just one cuff to create a focal point of your look.

Pearl Bangle

nmy2ql6_muMixed with You Favorite Colors

You can mix your pearls with your favorite colors for unique statement pieces. I made these DIY bracelets out of 2 broken necklaces.


If you don’t want to do a DIY, here is a great choice!

Pearl and Turquoise BraceletPink & Pearls

This week, I went to the Go Pink Luncheon and as expected everyone was wearing pink. What I didn’t expect were all the pearls! Everyone looked lovely in pink and pearls.



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  1. Hi April, Pearls are such classics – I love them! The ladies in the TV shows like Father Knows Best, Leave it to Beaver and the Donna Reed show always wore pearls with their shirtwaist dresses! Pearls never go out of style! Enjoyed this post! Blessings, Janet


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